Fried Beta Signature Series age?

I recently found a pair of Fried Beta's at a thrift store and was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of their age, and if drivers can be acquired. Also, are they special because of the Signature Series logo. Thanks
Shayne Tenace e-mail:
is the new owner of IMF/Fried. He should be able to help you.
While I can't give you an age of your speakers I have an original pair of Beta's (S/N 1199 & 1200) that I bought new in the early eighties. Mine have the Signature Series designation. I know these speaker went through at least three upgrades denoted by MK II, III, and IV though I don't know when they stopped producing them (assuming they have stopped!). I've used them very successfully with a Creek integrated amp for all this time. A few years back I had to replace both woofers and Fried had them in stock, cost me around $100 to replace them. They make a real nice budget speaker or for a second system as I use them. Hope this helps!
I picked up a pair of Beta Signatures with The Subwoofer about a year ago and was able to obtain new drivers for the Betas through Fried/IMF. About $75 each if I remember correctly. I haven't had a lot of opportunity to listen to them and they are really under utilized. Too many speakers! Infinity Reference Standard II, Polk RTi12, Infinity IL40, IL10, Epicure 10, Magnavox OLDIES, Mach IIs, ...