Fried Amp & Bi-Wiring

I just fried my Hafler amp last night (fortunately i was going to upgrade anyway). I think this happened because I was attempting to bi-wire with only 2 posts/channel on the amp and I believve the + & - crossed. However, I am not sure and do not want this to happen with a fancy new amp. I would like to continue to bi - wire though, and may look specifically for an amp with 4 posts/channel. Thoughts ??

Thanks !
Just speaking of Bi-Wiring only, having 4 posts does not matter. It is just a convenience thing. The two sets of posts are usually combined together inside the case.

You could also order two sets speaker cables combined on one spade/banana which accomplishes the same thing.

Did you really "fry" the amplifier, or do you maybe just have a blown fuse inside ??
In most of the solid state gear the fuse isn't enough to protect the output stage from frying.
There are numerous steps normally taken to protect an output circuitry but they may and they do add distortions and so degrade the sound.
The "fried" amp is repairable and can be probably used for bi-amp.
Unfortunately you learned a lesson the hard way. ALWAYS turn your amp off when swapping cables.

I bi-wire with one set of binding posts per channel & have done so with a number of amps. As long as you can get a tight secure fit, no need to worry.
I got real worried about my posts being too close together so I added a bit of electricians tape around the two closest +/-

I have had too many contacts slip off over the years and then there is the maid or someone bumping a wire and we on occasion have small children in the house and my system attracts them to it as much as the Birthday Cake does.