Fried 7 monitor versus Totem's Forest

Need some information about the Fried model 7 which is a small floorstanding speaker. It is a two way system using a transmission line bass. I have heard the Totem Forests and like them a lot, but the price is a bit over the top even used. I know of Fried products; I have listen to and sold IMF's and some of their other offshoot lines. but, I am not famliar with this particular speaker.
i just logged over i50hrs on my forests,i must say they are pretty there size these things image and the scale they produce,wow.have been using dynaudios for the past 5 yrs or more.
both are nice, but the fried can generally be both for less on the used market. historically i am a huge fan of the imf,tdl,pmc,fried designs....but in this case, between the two, i would give the nod to the totem....