Friday Night in San Francisco

I want to buy this DiMeola, McLaughlin, DeLucia classic album. My options ... "45 rpm audiophile 180 gm." vinyl @ $54.99 vs. CD @ $6.99. Is the vinyl that much better to justify the tremendous price differential ?
I have an originally released vinyl purchased for $3 that sounds much better vs. SACD.
I am fortunate to have both an SACD-only copy (Columbia/Legacy CS 65168), and the original Columbia LP (C-37152).

They both sound excellent. I believe I got both of them used, which is what I advise you to do. I can't see spending $55 for the 45 version, as either one I've mentioned sound so good. Unless you have to have the very best, I would opt for looking in the used market.

Just try googling it, something should come up. Good luck.

I just saw it for 3.99 at Half Price Books.....on orig vinyl
Well, I just added it to an Amazon order.... $6.99 for the CD. I bought it along with Nils Lofgren "Acoustic Live" and John Abercrombie "Within A Song." These should be three great albums to listen to on the upcoming cool Autumn evenings in upstate NY.
nice selections
I have an originally released vinyl purchased for $3 that sounds much better vs. SACD.

I bought it on the original vinyl in a used record store for ~$5. There are a bunch of used vinyl listed on ebay at auction. I have the CD too. The Vinyl is better, but it's nice to have both.
My Amazon order cam a few days ago, and I enjoyed my first listening session of "Friday Night in SF" last night. Wow..... what a wonderful recording ! This $6.99 CD is the Columbia/Legacy version, "20 bit digitally remastered, produced for reissue by Bob Belden." Great music through my system, and much to my surprise, it is an HDCD recording ! The imaging and soundstage is perfect, and I can "see" exactly where Al, John, and Paco are sitting onstage. The guitar playing is absolutely incredible, and it is truly an "I am there" recording.
I just got mine in the mail. My wife used to have the album. Her fathers big into DiMeola. Hopefully I can listen to it this weekend.
There is another option here,MFSL has a vinyl version. You might be able to find a used copy in dectnt shape.