Frequency response to 100k +/_ 1.5db?

Just looking at Avalon website and noticed this for the Eidolon Diamond. Typo?
I recently auditioned this speaker and thought I detected a several DB roll off in the 50 kHz to 60 kHz region.  Oh wait, that wasn't must have been a bat.
Maybe SETi can find a use for them.

The 19mm Accuton diamond tweeter used in the Eidolon diamond is rated to 100kHz. I assume the reference to +/- 1.5db refers to the tolerance of the driver pair matching, since I don't think I've ever seen a speaker response curve measure that flat.
More than a little ridiculous. :) More importantly to me would be energy storage and releasing.

I'm a big fan of very good AMT's  (as opposed to just average one's) for this reason. :)



Yes, it is a little ridiculous as far as audible sounds being reproduced. The key thing here is that the resonance frequency of the diamond material is so high that it will not cause any resonance/ringing/distortion down in the audible range (like 20-30khz). If I remember right, the resonance frequency of the Accuton was somewhere around 72Khz, which means that the high frequencies that you will actually hear will be ultra-clean without any tweeter breakup.

If I remember right, the resonance of Beryllium is somewhere in the 45 KHz area. Resonance of metal dome (like titanium dome tweeters) are somewhere between 22khz and 30khz. When resonance happens so close to audible ranges, the tweeter itself will start to flex and distort. This can come across and very bright/harsh sounds. You can hear this on a lot of metal dome tweeters (Focal is an example here - the older metal dome tweeters).

This video gives you an idea of what happens during tweeter breakup/flex:

I think the fact that the diamond material is so stiff that it can actually reproduce up to 100khz. Not that it matters at 100khz. It’s more important that it is reproducing the 20-40khz area with no breakup/distortion.


Lol, nice work Unsound!
The funny speaker cables with the mystery network box will have an inductor that suppresses all ultrasonics.  They just wont get to the tweeter at all.  Whether they sound good in the audible frequencies is a matter of personal taste.

I don't disagree the diamond sounds a lot better to the ears than the original Eidolon.

My problem with the Eidolons, be it original or Diamond, is that the ceramic midrange is voiced a bit too high which affects the texture of violins in orchestral music.  Easy fix....

Johnsonwu. The problem you mention with violins can,in my experience,be related to noise on the ac line that inferior speakers may not reveal. Have you tried a balanced power unit for example?