Frequency Response

I’ve recently started measuring my in room response and it’s become an entirely new learning process.  I’ve become slightly obsessed with smoothing out the in room response as much as possible through speaker placement and room treatment placement.  
Anyhow, I’ve got a dip in the response from 330-400 hz at my listening position.  The dip is not there when I stand vs. sit in this spot.  I’ve tried moving the speakers all over and I’ve tried fixing it by moving my acoustic panels around but I still can’t get rid of this nasty dip...

Does anyone have any other ideas I can try?  Has anyone here had similar issues with your room cancelling out certain frequencies higher up than the bass region we are usually talking about and what did you do to overcome them?

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I think it could be a camber, caster issue to fix it. BUT the reason is probably the XO point.  I fixed quite a few by tipping them forward or backward. It is usually forward for a dip in the mids, and back if the tweeter is boiling my ears AND I want a little better Mid Bass response.  Start with 1/2" and then go all the way down to shems. The chair idea is a good one to tune it the rest of the way..

Just remember, a little mojo goes a long ways.. Flat has never made me happy. It's always been a very slight frown, looking after tuning it the way I like it,  I hear what I like.. Slight rise in the middle. When I measure (not to often) it's always the same.. a slight frown on the PEQ. 2 db rise is just about right..

Cup your ears and see if it's what you like (chair forward call or EQ it.)

Happy hunting..