Frequency Response

I’ve recently started measuring my in room response and it’s become an entirely new learning process.  I’ve become slightly obsessed with smoothing out the in room response as much as possible through speaker placement and room treatment placement.  
Anyhow, I’ve got a dip in the response from 330-400 hz at my listening position.  The dip is not there when I stand vs. sit in this spot.  I’ve tried moving the speakers all over and I’ve tried fixing it by moving my acoustic panels around but I still can’t get rid of this nasty dip...

Does anyone have any other ideas I can try?  Has anyone here had similar issues with your room cancelling out certain frequencies higher up than the bass region we are usually talking about and what did you do to overcome them?

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@newbee, definitely a null...  I just difn’t know or think that they happened above 100hz or so.  Never thought abkut hugher up frequencies cancelling themselves out.  Makes sense though.  I also didn’t realize how high of a pitch 300-500hz is.  
I tried some really big differences in speaker location and speaker height, even flipped them upside down and measured the freq. response.  Interestingly it didn’t change much.

I always knew the room makes a difference but now I am really beginning to see how much of a difference.  Its great to actual have a visual of my freq response now.
Anyhow, Im hoping to tame this and some other areas with more room treatments.  Maybe in the meantime I flip my listening position and see what happens 🤷🏼‍♂️
@erik_squires , thought the same thing. I put a panel on the ceiling right above and forward of where my listening seat is, right where 350hz was loudest.  Didn’t do much.  Then I took 2 panels from the front wall and put them on the ground in front of the speakers... Nothin.

It may just be this crappy little room Im working with.

Surprisingly my bass response is good.  0db at 28hz and -3 at 24hz. 
My response is pretty crazy / peaks and dips.  Just shows how much work my room needs.  I am actually hearing strange reflections when the program is playing this clicking noise in order to locate distances.

Anyways, I may work on it some more today and see if I can figure it out.  Wish I had some 25 foot runs of speaker cable.  I’d just move my speakers around...

Awesome!  Thanks everyone. Wrik, I haven’t looked into the floor behind the speakers.  Will do!

@MC, thanks dude!  I was thinking theres a mathematical process snd you helped with that, Thanks.  Will research that more for sure.  I never thought about it until right now but yeah, with a wave you’re going to have different response in a rooms height not only width and depth.

I am using room correction software but it doesn’t matter for nulls.  People may think so but it really doesn’t, at least with the software I’m using.  Makes sense though because if its a wave cancelling itself out then turning up the volume does nothing for it,

@Oldhvymch, my response is a bit accentuated in the mids, just like you’d like it!  I prefer for the highs not to be rolled off so I’m enjoying the eq aspect of Somarworks.  I feel like its done pretty well.

Anyhow, Thanks for all the input.  Will def. look into treating the ceiling and with angled panels.  Will also look into that info you suggested MC, thanks!