Frequency in Vs Frequency Out and what is LFE

Are the outputs the same frequency as the inputs from a Sub (Earthquake Supernova MK IV)?
That is if I feed an LFE in will I get LFE out.

I realize that the sub has its own adjustable crossover for the input, but will it output a signal different from the inputted frequency range.
Or is it LFE in LFE out if so what is an LFE frequency.

Second question I am using the output from the Sub to run 8 X 4Ohm Bass Shakers which have a Freq response of 40Hz
With a usable Freq response of 20-40Hz

Should I use Fmods in line to the amp running the Bass Shakers if so what frequency or will the LFE do the same job

I called Aura the Bass Shaker manufacturer and they suggested a 70Hz Fmod
Your thoughts would be appreciated
There are many users and much,much chat on these at a couple of days off to read all that is there.