Frequencies? Bass, Mids, Hi's? Range?

Alright so I am sure this has been gone over loosely around here before, but what would be the correct ranges for bass? Mid Bass? Midrange, even upper and lower mids, and Hi's?

Maybe even the real Octave ranges in the pie chart or something… For example is mid bass everything from 80 hz up to like 200 hz etc..?

It seems most vocals come in around 500 hz or 600 hz up to about 1.5 or 2 khz.. But I might be way off! If somebody can give some definitive answers thanks :-)
-Audible range is approximately 10 octaves - 20 Hz to 20k Hz.
-Bass, bottom 3 octaves - 20 to 160
-Midrange, middle 4 octaves - 160 to 2500
-Treble, top 3 octaves - 2500 to 20k
-Voice is approximately 80 Hz to 5k, including most prominent harmonics
-Soprano high C is less than 1100 Hz, bass low C ~65
-Middle C on the piano is ~262 Hz, low A is 27.5, high C is ~4200.
I would suggest that the range which is usually covered by the Midrange driver of a three way system is a reasonable definition.

This would be from 350Hz or so up to 2500Hz. (Of course particular speaker systems will vary a bit). Below this band is Bass. Above is Treble.
I would say the difference between bass and mids is that bass is omnidirectional. The point where it becomes directional is the start of the midrange - no more than 200Hz.

Between mids and treble is hard to say but I would think 2.5kHz. Most crossovers are about there anyway.

Good reply by Ojgalli. Bass becomes directional at around 80hz or so....depending.

Low bass (20hz-40hz)
Mid bass (40hz-80hz)
Upper bass (80hz-160hz)

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