Free Tweak...does it work for you??

I tried this experiment and well.....I wonder if anyone in the AudiogoN community will share my experience
Try this: Take a power chord and if its not too thick or not too short, form a horse-shoe with it and then tie a square knot in it. you know, right over left and under, left over right and under. OK, if you can't use a power chord, try speaker cables or a pair of interconnects.
What do YOU hear? anything different?
For those of you with good ears, do the square knot on the electrical chord from a lamp to the wall socket...hear anything???
Try it, and post your results, and let's see what happens.....
Just tied a square knot in the lamp cord. Don't hear anything. It's still silent. Like a lamp should be.
I started the lamp square knot experiment but when I unplugged the lamp cord, I couldn't see what I was doing & wound up calling it a night, as I'll have to wait for daylight to plug it back in.
its the MUSIC! what do you hear different from your music?
When I plug my Lamp into my system I just get a really loud hum! Maybe I'm doing it wrong.
Sometimes when I pat my head and rub my stomach the soundstage seems larger, but, then again it might be because I'm wearing different colored socks, I'm still working on it.
Actually, I can imagine there being an audible difference. Two things that are happening is that the inductance is being increased and it's probably affecting the capacitance to a degree. Vary one or the other or both and sonics can certainly change and be heard in a good resolute system. As for whether this is an improvement in perceived sound can only be in the "ear of the be-hearer".

There's more explanation that could be expounded on but I think this is a good brief. Hope that helps a bit.
Hey Mijknarf: forget about the socks, just stick a Mullard 12AX7 NOS tube in your left ear n see if there is any audible difference...ha! ha! sorry, please don't mind me...
Ridgestreetaudio has it right - the rest of you guys are just having fun. I believe it was Martin Colloms who once pointed out that all these high end power cords were merely introducing inductance through their geometry to roll-off high frequency noise, while not reducing current flow, and that most else about them was BS.
A small Panasonic digital receiver that I messed around with (similar to the SA-XR25) has a small coil if several turns wound into the line cord, and secured with a plastic wrap. The manual warned the user not to unwind it.

I think this is to meet international specs regarding how much noise a device can feed back into the power line. The device in the cord is called a RETLIF (filter backwards).
I doubt it has an effect on the equipment itself, but may prevent your microwave oven from burning dinner.

It does seem that many audiophiles do believe that line cord inductance affects the sound, so this tweek is a great idea to save lots of money. Why don't we investigate the best kind of knot to tie? Does a square knot sound different from a clove hitch? Get out your Boy Scout manual and have some fun :)
I tried a sheep shank but my significant other said "baa".