Free to Good Homes

I have three platforms I would like to give away for FREE. One is a 3 1/2 thick solid Maple platform 18 x 24 big enough for a VPI Prime. It is painted black but needs to be sanded and repainted. Another is a gray and black granite platform 12 x 18 for a small footprint turntable or amp. Lastly is a Mapleshade platform 15 x 18 painted black I used for a VPI Scout.

These are local pickup only in R.I. so please do not ask me to ship because I will ignore your message. Again, these are absolutely free as I no longer need them & local pick up only. If truly interested, send me a PM please.
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Someone will relieve you of them for sure but might be a bit close to Christmas to worry about it right now.
Great offer and the true spirit of Audiophool brotherhood.
Thanks and have a great Christmas and happy New year!
@uberwaltz...…………….Thank you, I believe you are correct  You also have a good Christmas and New Year!
Hello. I agree this is a very generous offer! I’d like to take advantage of it ;). I have some components on cutting boards, and have always wanted to try the Mapleshade platforms, but found the price beyond what I was comfortable with for an experiment. It would also be cool to see how the wood and granite compare! I live in northeast PA, but I’m willing to take a drive to RI. Are they still available?
Two of the platforms. both made out of wood have been given away!  A friend who lives in the Boston area has spoken for one and will be picking up in the coming weeks.  The other, much larger platform was picked up this afternoon by a fellow Audiogon member who lives on Cape Cod.  We had a nice chat at my home and after listening to my main system, the gentleman left happy, with platform in hand.  I am so pleased and feel very good!  I still have the small granite platform suitable for an amp or power conditioner to give away.

Any takers on that?