FREE - The Audio Optimization Guide For Apple OS X

For those of you that might be interested, I just put the information that I've generally shared with DAC customers and that I call "The Audio Optimization Guide For Apple OS X - Snow Leopard" on the Ultra Fi website. It may be found in the links section under FREE!!


Larry D. Moore
Ultra Fi
Will give this a try soon. Thanks.
Very thorough indeed. It reminds me of the old days when just shutting off the display on a CDP improved the sound.

For the paranoid amongst us, is it possible that someone, someday will make an app that can turn off and on these features/programs? Some I'll definitely look and do but others I'm not too sure of. Like I said, just paranoid.
I found an app that will check that your Mac can boot 64 bit and reset it so that it boots 64 bit without having to hold down 6 and 4 as per the Guide.

Startup Mode Selector:
This is a big time saver! Thank you.

Thanks Sugith for the tip, along with the OP.
There seems to be more than one way to skin this cat.