Free stuff for Njoe Tjoeb 4000

I thought I would let you guys know I went to the Upscale Audio website to see if what I heard about new options is true.

They have an upsampler board that is coming out, and will plug right into my machine. Also, they will have a thing they call the "Flavor Pack" which is a set of three different kinds of upgraded op-amps that can be used to adjust the player to taste. Has anyone ever done this? Kevin said the kit would be about $60. Looks like a fun thing to do for that kind of money.

What suprised me is they have a new logo that says Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 for the CD player and remote. I asked about it, and they said they will send them out for free to any owner that asks. Class act!

I have had my machine for a while, so may do the power cord upgrade and try some tube upgrades too. Any input in appreciated.

Hello Stan,
I bought the upgraded power cord for my AH!!! It made a slight difference in sound. Also tried a pair of 6H23 eb tubes and Siemans 7308's also. The tubes made a bigger difference. Kevin also sent me the new logo and its cool looking.
There's a lot of European guys in the TNT Audio Forum that simply love the unit. They're heavily into tweaking....