Free Rega Sub-Platter

Well not entirely free but almost!Using some Blu-tac you fill in the hollow areas of the sub-platter just under the main platter of the Rega 2 or 3 until it now looks like you have a ceramic sub-platter or one of those after-market metal ones.This adds damping and rotational stability due to added mass.Especially if using an Acrylic platter.
There are a couple of other tweaks.If your Rega runs too fast(usually around 2%),2 even splices(neatly trimmed) of electrical tape around the sub-platter,widening it and thus slowing the revolutions down, will fix it.If it is too slow,try boiling the belt for 3 minutes to tighten it,thus speeding the sub-platter up-worth a try!