Free Lexicon RT10 or $1500 Lexicon RT20

Like numerous other people my Proceed PMDT died. RIP. Harman is offering me a free Lexicon RT10 or a $1500 RT 20 in exchange.

I am torn as to what to do????

I understand that the RT10 is a Pioneer-based unit without interacing and HDMI. The TR20 is a Marantz-based interlaced HDMI capable unit.

What to do????

Are there any thing I have forgotten to consider?
From what I understand the Audio performance is pretty equall in both units (my dad owns the RT10 and was looking into the 20) the main improovement is like you mentioned, the video...RT10 can only acheive 480I & 480P signal.
I have thought about these two players myself as a used purchase. What I have wondered is how do they compare to the Proceed PMDT as an audio transport. Maybe someone who has had a Proceed PMDT and now has one of the Lexicon players can comment on this. I own a Proceed AVP2 and want to pair it with a DVD player that is a really good audio transport. One thing I have considered is to get the RT-10 and have an SDI output installed so that it could be used with a DVDO iscan that has an SDI input.
If you need what the RT20 offers that one thing. But if you can't use the better video and won't for some time, FREE sounds pretty good.

If it will be a couple years till you can use the video correctly from the RT20, by then there will be something out even better and you'd have that FREE FREE unit to sell towards it.
I have the RT-10 and I am using it as a transport to feed a DCS Purcell/Delius combo (AES/EBU output). I was originally using the RT-10 as a temporary transport until I found a good used Verdi, but I have been extremely happy with the 3 units together. I do not feel compelled to add a new transport and will probably stay with what I have. I think the original review in SGHT also pointed out that the RT-10 is a very competant transport. Nice universal player that makes very few excuses in performance. I suspect it would pair well with the Proceed equipment.