Free, Higher Resolution Streaming Radio?

I recently discovered the lossless (FLAC or ALAC, I believe) feed from Radio Paradise and enjoy it very much. Do any of you know if this is the only free-of-charge, non subscription example of this type of service or are there more out there? Not really demanding of instant access to particular songs...maybe a little more “narrowing” to specific genres than the typical, eclectic Radio Paradise fare.
A free, high rez Classical feed would be wonderful.

Thanks in advance.
check our JB Radio 2.  I use it when Radio Paradise gets boring.

Remember RP hain't totally free, its public.  Throw them a few bucks if you can.  I buy T-shirts and hoodies for xmas gifts and drop them some cash every now and then. 
Radiobit.50 webs has a list of high res stations and their respective bit rates.  Really cool site. has every (almost) radio station in the world shown on a globe.  Ditto on the cool factor.  Have fun, John
I second the recommendation of . Really interesting site!  And I'd point out that for casual listening an mp3 at 320 kbps will sound really good.
For sure, regarding 320 kbps, mike_ in_nc!

I’ve, just within the last week, started listening to HD Radio Blues Network at 320 kbps MP3 and it sounds great.  I think maybe Blues lends itself to be a bit more forgiving of less-than-perfect sources but, whatever the case, I’ve quit feeling guilty about listening to that level of resolution thru the tube amp after spending some time playing that station...
Radio Garden. Select a green dot, anywhere in the world.
NPR station out of Seattle ( Jazz, blues) has a web streamer that is quite good. KNKX FM is the stations name. 

Also almost all other radio stations have web streaming services. 

If you can get it in your area Canada's (national radio station) radio 1 and radio 2 have some great music as well, jazz classical etc. they have web streaming as well