Free 78 RPM Records near Boston

My parents are moving, and would like to give these to anybody that wants them. Free, but you must pick them up [about 1/2 hour south of Boston]. Most are big band & 1940's pop.
I'd pay for shipping and handling (whatever you deem appropriate) if you can't find anyone to pick them up. My wife is a new teacher and she wants to decorate her room with a bunch of LPs on the walls.

Let me know. Thanks, Erik (aka yipean). gotta be kidding me!
Kubla - Not sure what you mean by your post...
I am sure that wall paper was what FatParrot had in mind!
Yipean...what chadnliz said. lol...
Hey, whatever anyone wants to use them for...otherwise, it's a date with the trash man. Yipean, I don't think this will work for your wife. These 78's are both heavy [high shipping costs] and VERY fragile. And since they're make of shellac or lacquer, when they break, they can form sharp edges & points. You want the later era VINYL. Just look at yard sales or at thrift shops, much better options for your needs.
OK. She's mainly interested in the jackets anyway. She wasn't planning to cover all of the walls. Just 10-20 placed throughout the room. :)

Parrot - I didn't realize they were so fragile. Thanks for the tip.
Yipean, jackets are on 33-1/3 RPM LP's. To the best of my knowledge, the 78 RPM came in paper sleeves only [like the old 45 RPM singles] and never used jackets.