Free 24-bit tracks download from Linn

In case you didn't receive email from Linn. It is offering free download of studio master tracks for the holiday again. Here is the link:
SWEET! Thanks for the heads-up!! A free download a day,
what could be better?

Thanks to Linn also...

Clickable link:

I just realized there is a new one every day. Guess I missed a few but just got another one for today. Awesome.
What could be better you able to get the ones you missed
You can catch up on the ones you missed for a little fee if you like. I missed a few days while on vacation, fortunately I listened to the samples and I think I can live without the two that I missed. They did this last year as well.

For those who use apple products: they just started a FREE twelve days of xmas app with music and videos. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Season Greetings!!!
I ended up being able to get 11 of them. All studio masters at 24/96 or 24/192. Not a bad deal for free :)
I only missed one and they allowed, for the final couple of days, up to three additional that you might have missed. So I was able to get all of the titles.

Thanks again for posting this and thanks again to Linn Audio for doing this!
I got all the titles as well. In addition a friend emailed me yesterday with a link to Dacapo Records in Denmark that had their own giveaway. I downloaded them but haven't had a chance to listen to them yet. Not hi-res but supposedly good quality and you can listen to a sample first.
Nice thanks Clio09!I just got 24 tracks from Dacapo records for free!

I registered and they took my address and name but no credit card or anything. And then I chose the CD quality 16 bit flac and downloaded them all.
Clio09...thanks from me also on the Dacapo link!