Freak Me Out

I am looking for a CD that is very strange and exciting at the same time.Weird music,sound effects,good sound quality etc.Anyone know where Im coming from?
The BeeGees live at Provincetown should fit the bill.
Also, Peter Gabriel's Passion and Portishead's Live at NYC.
Miles Davis "Bitches Brew". I have a lot of CDs, and this one usually freaks people out more than anything else I have ever been around. Definitely weird, and exciting to many(too weird to some).
try "gierren" by wimme sarri (northside 6023). wimme combines an ancient scandanavian vocal technique caled "yolk" with electronic sound effects. quite strange but well-recorded (as near as i can tell).
oops! the cd title is spelled "gierran."
You could add A Love Supreme by John Coltrane if we're talking jazz.
The ultimate party emptier was always Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefhart.
Contemporary speaking check out 13 by Blur-has some straight forward stuff but gets pretty weird(takes a while to get into-me about 2 years!)-it's very well-recorded and a good tester for your system David.
More recently the space-age country pop of Grandaddy's The Sophtware Slump-nicely weird in a melodic way-again well recorded-enjoy and let us know how you get on with any of the recommendations you try out.
There's some weird, beautiful stuff on Rickie Lee Jones's Ghostyhead. Trippy electronica, strange lyrics, haunting fragments of melody, not to mention thought.
Hi David99, Check out: Liquid Soul "Make Some Noise" or Gongzilla "Suffer".
Siouxsie and the Banshees: Peepshow; Sugar Cubes: Life's Too Good; Serge Prokofiev: Scythian Suite (Mercury); Anything by F. Zappa or Cptn. Beefhart...
David: I do not know what the access to used CD's is in your area but when I want "new" tunes I pick up "music sampler" CD's for around a buck in my area. Windham Hill, Razor & Tie, ASCAP, etc. I just picked up a really odd one of Brazilian R&R (it sucks IMO but it's different:-). Most are pretty good though.
Should pick up Dafos. It was performed by Mickey Hart, Airto, and Purim and was recorded by Keith Johnson. It was released in many variations, the last of which was a remastered gold CD. There is also a vinyl 45 pressing floating around but I have been unable to find a copy even though I have been casually looking for years. This can be a speaker killer so be forewarned... it has an extreme amount of loud dynamics and tremendous bass on some passages.
Max Lasser(Max Lasser Vander Ark) has some awesome music.
Thanks guys,lots to choose from.Kelly,is your recommendation on vinyl?
I like all four of Enigma's CDs, and they are pretty strange in a new agey sort of way. My favorite is "Cross of Changes". They're all driven by percussion. Cheers. Craig.
Richard Thompson's "Rumor & Sigh" has some great aural as well as creative lyrics. Any of the Latin Playboys stuff might be of interest. If you like Los Lobos "Kiko & The Lavender Moon", the Latin Playboys stuff explores some things a little more experimental. The above post about Dafos looks good to me. Airto is great.
Roger Water's "Amused to Death" Corey Greenburg used to mention this one fairly regularly when he wrote for Stereophile. I decided to take a chance and get it on Dutch-pressed vinyl, but the CD is pretty good too.
David, you might try "So What" a newer release from Acoustic Sounds with Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. This is a compilation of Miles Davis tunes, Bags groove, etc. Sonics are awesome not to mention the beutiful interplay of Garcia's guitar and David's mandolin. Highly recommended and also received an excellent review in TAS
david: the wimme number is on cd only (tho you might be able to buy vinyl in sweden--get me one if you're there, please). BTW, i agree with nordost that the jerry/david "so what" is a great cd. i don't find it "weird," tho. maybe that's just me?
You really want to freak out.Then get something,anything by SUNRA...Thats freaky and out to lunch.
David, a buddy gave me a CD he bought in India which is really well recorded with sound effects and Indian music, tablas, etc., with vocals. I think it is the soundtrack from a movie, but I'm not sure. Sort of *Star Wars comes to Bombay*. All of the instruments and vocals must have been miked separately and they seem to separate well, as though the performers are in a semi-circle in front of the listener. I actually use this as a reference CD (it is so well recorded) - must have listened to it a hundred times.
If you have an interest, let me know and I'll see if I can send you a copy.
MC 900 Ft. Jesus, One Step Ahead of the Spider, cut #3: If I Only Had A Brain. But be careful; the bass hits on this cut will definitely test your system's limits. Plus, there is all sorts of wierd stuff on here.
Hi David: Here is one of the better compilations that I mentioned earlier. "Passengers: Original Sounstracks #1 issued by Island records. Music by: Brian Eno, Adam Clayton, The Edge, Larry Mullen Jr., etc. Also if you are not familar with Eno, Robert Fripp & Iggy (I guess) you may want to check them out. I don't know if the "Angry Beavers" cartoon show has a soundtrack album out yet, but you may want to keep your eyes peeled for that one as well.
For a rather otherworldly musical experience, I would recommend checking out one of the discs that document Tod Dockstader's experiments with electronics and tape loops, all of which were composed in the early to mid-'60's. When you consider the sounds and sonic explorations that this man created with what would now be considered the most rudimentary recording & editing technology, it really is fairly befuddling. On some levels, it puts much modern electronic music to shame and it is much more compelling than some similar minded music that was being created at the time, which became a little dry and academic. There's at least 2 CD's out and I'd recommed the one called "Apocalypse" with his classic 'Luna Park' composition.

For modern examples of similar strange-ness, try anything by Biota; a group of folks from Colorado who create some seriously unusual sonic-soup using mostly processed acoustic instruments. Their recordings are accompanied by artwork created by the band as visual interpretations for the music therein. Not for everyone, but a unique experience nonetheless.
Dan from Krell played a cd called Lobster that was wild !
Check out Laurie Anderson's Big Science. There are many great and different pieces on there. One of my favorites is Oh Superman, a great song. I think it was Rolling Stones song of the year back in the late 70s. Her work is mainly as a performance artist, but it translates great to recordings. It certainly qualifies as different.
Look for recording by Robert Rich. He is featured occassionally on the Hearts of Space PBS radio program. He prides himself in making electronic music recordings that are audiophile quality. His web site is --- his recording are available at most record stores like Borders or Tower, and can be purchased directly from him on his web site. There are samples on the web site also.
Dean Peer "It's All Good", the Antenna Repairman "Ghatam", Planet Drum (Mickey Hart) "Supralingua", Proteus 7 "For Your Ears Only" The last one is less weird--but has some very good effects. All of these are exceptional sonic quality.
david, yule love this: nusrat fateh ali khan & michael brook - *night song*. *wery* freaky, & amazing low-frequency info as well.
Check out where you'll find the oddest music on the planet - I guarantee it! For starters, try 'Home, unspeakable' by Bernard Gunther. Extreme low end, extreme weirdness. You'll never be the same again. You'll redefine 'music'.
Kronos Quartet's Black Angels one of the weirdest/coolest CDs Ive ever heard. It was written by George Crumb and was inspired by the Vietnam war. Kronos is an "electrified" string quartet. They use strange percussion, chanting, and other techiniques that give the CD a very dark and errie flavor. It's also recorded very well.
OK,OK!! Im freaked out enough and I havent even had a chance to buy one of these recommendations yet! Just wondering,What kind of retail outlet would be most likely to carry these obscure titles?
Here's an easy one to find: The soundstrack to "Interview with the Vampire" on Geffen. I am using it right now to test a power conditioner on the mini system.
Gary Numan - "PURE"
David, Suggest you first check out cdnow and amazon.
Just a thought... but maybe try 'Jesus Freak' by DC Talk if
you think you can handle it!!!
"Tokyo Trashville" is fun. Compilation of various Japanese bands, mostly guitar based but very diverse in sound. Scary to the Western ear. (Most famous is "Guitar Wolf".) Great sexy, skanky cover, too. A voluptuous dream woman -- with an ass and legs of the Robert Crumb variety -- humping the Tokyo Tower with great passion. Godzilla's got nothing on this man-hurtin' babe. Not so easy to find on Au-go-go Records, Melbourne. I know you'd be slumming, Redkiwi, but are you familiar with this label. It's Melbourne/Tokyo based. Started by Haku-gin on the Tokyo underground club circuit. Very good.

You want scary? You want dark? Johnny Dowd's "Wrong Side of Memphis" (Checkered Past Records). One review sums it up as "...dark, telegraphically visual songs that come off like a fusion of Johnny Cash and Lou Reed stepping out of the pages of a Charles Burns graphic novel...". Couldn't have said it better myself.

Lou Reed's "Berlin" is scary if you listen and think about the people described there. Actually had a neighbor call the police when I played a track with children screaming and crying (way too loud). I had just moved in a couple of days before -- humiliating to say the least.
Nine Inch Nails' "Further Down the Spiral" has the qualities you're looking for on steroids when compared to most of the above posts. Skinny Puppy's "Ain't it Dead Yet" is also excellent. I would also suggest the "Lost Highway" sndtrk, Prick, and almost anything on Nothing Records except for PWEI. They're all easy to find.
Jim,you my man! that was great!! I dig Lou Reed,gotta get that one! In fact I may have it on vinyl in my basement.I bought 3000 LPs over the summer for 50 bucks and have been selling lots on eBay.I think I saw that one in one of the boxes!!
The label rings a bell Jim. Cannot quite recall where I saw it - certainly not on that CD you mention. My brother lives in Melbourne (raised the average IQ of both countries when he left NZ, to quote a really old trans-Tasman joke), so maybe he can get me a copy.
Try, "The Rhythm Devils Play River Music"!
Check out Alien Sex Fiend, Front Line Assembly,Gary Numan,Skinny Puppy,Ethyl Meatplow,Ministry (the land of rape and honey),Ozric Tentacles,& Barkmarket
I agree with one of the post above. Krono's Black Angels is genius music that could make you fall out of your chair at times, at the same time retaining very well recorded musicality.
Here's a few. Sound track to Twin Peaks, the David Lynch TV serial(remember?). Henry Kaiser, the guitar player, does a good job of recording indiginous music of strange places with known musicians - I like 'A World Out of Time' with David Lindley in Madagascar. Djivan Gasparian has a wonderful CD of Armenian flute & voice called 'I Will Not be Sad in this World' - this is a soul crying out in a universal language. Finally, and with a high recommendation, try 'The Sound of the Vanishing World' by Kroke (oriente music). Kroke is a klezmer group from Cracaow in Poland. This CD is excellent; I heard it on the radio late one night and trcked it down. Proof that there is still culture and vitality in Poland (as they say in the notes). It sounds to me like songs the earth will play when we at last can hear that music. Good hunting.
Reggie Workman, "cerebral caverns" excellant sound quality and imaginitive use of standard insturments.
WARNING! anyone who has never experienced mind altering drugs should not try this disk alone. Above average potential for fear and suicidel thoughts.
BEWARE! anyone under the influence of mood altering drugs should aproach this disk with care, total brain melt is possible.
PROHIBITED! use of LSD, Angle dust, Heroine and other hellucinagentics is stricktly prohibited. Certai death will occure within 16 hours of listening!
I suggest the Phillip Glass soundtrack to "Koyaanisqatsi."
Freak Out! by Mothers of Invention

IMO Zappa's best and it'll probably freak you out.
Try "May Blitz" from Amazon (before they go out of business). Get the import with both their only two albums on one CD.
This is album of the year material IMO, but would fit into the freak me out category as well. Jim Black "Alasnoaxis" this albums got everything, most of all though it's jazz. Also anything by Coil ought to freak you out.
You want weird, here ya go. I love Electronic Music!

Try these:

1) Anything from Synergy aka: Larry Fast
2) LOGOS or UNDERWATER SUNLIGHT from Tangerine Dream
3) Anything by Kraftwerk
4) Peter Gabriel Security

All of the above should give your head and speakers a real workout.
Diamonda Galas! I can't listen to her when I'm in the house alone. If she doesn't freak you out you're froked.