Frazey Ford

Her new lp... "Indian Ocean".


This will be ONE to watch out for.

Just saying.........
Thanks for the heads up about this. I have her prev solo cd and a few of her band, The be good Tanya's. Great music! Out of it all, my favorite is Blue Horse." Looking forward to hearing "Indian Ocean."
Slaw...thanks for the heads up! You turned me on it Frazey Ford's "Obadiah" last year and that's a great LP. This one doesn't come out until October, but I'll look for.
I just learned the release date is pushed back until Dec. I have no doubt it'll be worth the wait!
I got it,(on vinyl) today! I was listening again to "Obadiah" in preparation for it.

She's introduced horns in the mix now. The sonic comparison to "Obadiah" is very evident. "Obadiah" is more open, really a reference quality recording. I noticed "Indian Oceans" was mastered by Patricia Sullivan @ BG mastering. This is the first time I've noticed this name on a lp from BG mastering. The record sounds good sonically but a far cry from "Obadiah". The music is still, way worth the purchase. Enjoy!
I just loaded this into my favorites on Tidal. I'll listen to it and see if it's worth the vinyl investment. Thanks for the release update.