Fraud Alert: Audio Zoom Zoom, Netherlands

Beware: I paid almost $15K to Audio Zoom Zoom (Netherlands) for a Kondo Souga amplifier and all communication stopped completely as soon as the money was paid. Guy goes by the name Varchi.
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Sorry to hear this.  I agree it doesn't look good.  I notice that everything is expensive, which means fewer buyers, which means it's harder to find feedback on the company.  I bet if he "sells" that $1.4M Bentley, he will close up the shop and be gone for quite a while.
Can Audiogon help in any way, or is the method of payment used outside Audiogon's parameters. 

I had my first sale last week with interconnects, Audiogon held the payment until the cables were received, the website states it can take up to 8 days for payment to clear. I used The credit card payment system, fair for all parties.

I would fly before parting with 15k.

I flew a few hours last year to see a pair of speakers. Emails led to phone calls and then meeting in person, worked well.  

I emailed Audiogon last year to verifying a vendor in Turkey. I wanted to know if I could trust the seller information. I got a prompt response, they looked into the vendor and said everything was in order. 

No harm forwarding the police in the Netherlands all relevant information on this vendor.

Good luck.

The payment was direct Bank transfer and the item was not listed on Audiogon, so no help from Audiogon.  The original post was just to give us a heads up.
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How do you know it's Netherlands or anywhere within Europe? Faith or site domain?
How do you know that it's not from West Africa, India, Indonesia, Philippines? These nations have corrupt cops and even if you find origin coming anywhere from there, you can be screwed for another $15k if not more.
Don't be silly pal.