Fraud Ads Have Been Posted Lately

I have noticed over the past few weeks ads selling gear at ultra-low prices which is too good to be true. $15,000 amps for $2,500 and so on. They all have one thing in common the date they became a member of Audiogon in May. They have addresses across the USA, and great photos of the gear, but that is to make you think it is a steal of a deal. I reported these to Audiogon and I hope they can stop them. Pair B&W 802D for $2,800 if I recall. I know we are wise but as you know we are always looking for a good price and these folks are praying on that. Too good to be true, no time on Gon and NO customer feedback stay away from them. Just an FYI.


Hi, yogiboy.

He's saying you have to be a member to post equipment for sale, not that if you're a member you have to post equipment for sale.

Thought I'd clear that up politely before he starts insulting you also...

@thecarpathian you were insulted? So sorry.

That was not my intent at all. 

please accept my apology, or not.

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Man, what's wrong with people nowadays. I make a post to inform us all for the good of us all and like always at some point it turns into a negative argument and put-downs. Get a grip, life is too short.