Franklin Mint LP records

I recently encountered a set of records in red vinyl, quite respectable classical performances. Has anyone an idea what sort of pressings these are and how they sound? I think they would compliment nicely my collectible figurines and my eleven cats.
I started to buy the collection when I was in college. I have the first three sets. They are remasterings of great classical performances. The quality is outstanding and emotionally involving. Really worth it.
I have the both complete 100 album sets of the Franklin Mint Jazz and Big Band Collections on red vinyl. If you have the accompanying books, they are not only great music/recordings, but VERY educational. I'd also be curious as to the value of these gems.
Thank you for the information. From what I saw through a web search they command up to $25 per record.
Pretty awesome stuff...
I have quite a few of these. $ 25 per LP is quite steep. I bought the entire Jazz collection in Europe in unplayed condition for about $ 10 per bos (each box has 3 to 4 LP's), and have foud several of the classical sets at Hal Price Books for a mere $ 3 a box. The pressings are quite good. In fact, many of the presings in the Classical set are of recordings from the Golden Age originally issued as LSC LP's. I've compared a couple to the Classic Records re-issues and, while not in the same league, they ain't at all shabby. If you can get them for a decent price, by all mean go for them At $ 25 for LP, I'd try to find Classic records re-issues if possible..
Alexc knows what he's talking about.

Franklin Mint can be found almost everyday on eBay at dirt cheap prices. $25/LP only exists in someone's mind. I'd even consider $2.5/Lp too steep since Franklin Mint has little or none collection value unlike the original labels such as Decca, Lyrita, EMI, Mercury and RCA Living Stereo. For $25, in addition to Classic Records Alexc recommended, get the Testment or Speaker Corner reissue of EMI and Decca and you will know what great performance and sound is all about.
OK I need to clarify. I did not mean that I intended to pay $25. This was the asking price in some on line sellers that I found when I searched Google for Franklin Mint. I bought the whole collection last weekend for 250. Two thirds are still wrapped. Now I need to make sure that I listen to them before I die (like the previous owner). I noticed that at least some are japanese pressings EMI-Toshiba. I tried the trout quintet in honor of Isaak Stern. It is an old mono recording with so so sound. Very little surface noise. Thanks to everyone who responded.