Frankenstein System, but trying to make it work

I just received a B&O Beosound 9000 (neat looking contraption that slides around and grabs the CDs) as a gift and now I'm trying to mate it with my existing bedroom system, which consists of a McIntosh MC 2102 tube amp and Silverline SR-17 speakers (right now the Mac is connected directly to a Linn Genki CD player, which sounds great). The B&O player does not have analogue outputs (they use a proprietary connection to their active speakers), but it does have a coax digital output. Since I'm only interested in 2-channel audio, I was trying to find a DAC with volume control that is remote controllable. The remote control of volume is the main issue, since I did find a thread covering DACs with volume control but it seemed as though none were remote controllable (Birdland, Monarchy, etc...). If such a thing does not exist, I'm assuming I should look for an AV processor that does 2 channel well. As far as price, I would love to avoid the megabucks units if possible.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

You could always run the DAC of your choice with a placette RVC(remote volume control), it would be another option worth entertaining if you can't find what your looking for. ~Tim
Another choice of remote volume control for the budget minded is a Creek OBH-10. I've never heard one, but the reviews of it, and the OBH-12 at AudioReview are very favorable.