Frank Zappa?

He's been gone for a long time yet I still play his stuff on my system.
Apostrophe is my favorite.Im on my third LP,and had the CD once.When I was 14 Id turn off the lights in our family room ,play it a few times on our console stereo and listen with my eyes closed,my Mother thought I was nuts! She thought Frank was,,,,weird.I enjoyed music so much,even on a cheap console it would completly take me to a higher place,,without drugs .I still enjoy Franks music!
A truly gifted and unique musician. No one will ever fill his particular musical space, that's for sure. His abilities as a composer, lyricist, guitarist were profound.

As an aside, I saw the "Zappa plays Zappa" tour a few years back and Dweezil did a remarkable job with his father's stuff. What a great show- Frank would be proud.
I particularly like "Imaginary Disease" which is an all instrumental affair released from the vault in 2007. It is Zappa at his finest playing jazz/rock fusion style with a full horn section. The title track, DC Boogie, and Montreal are stand out cuts. Makes you appreciate not only what a great guitat player Zappa was, but also what a keen ear he had for complex arrangements. Unfortunately, this one is getting hard to find and consequently expensive.
Frank Zappa? Yes, please. Too hard to pick just one album, but: Lumpy Gravy, Absolutely Free, We're Only in it for the Money, Apostrophe, Overnite Sensation, Sheik Yerbouti, Grand Wazoo, Zoot Allures, and The Best Band You Never Heard in your Life, are favorites and I'm probably missing a couple other great ones like Freak Out!
his tunes will never die
Apostrophe is my reference album, anytime i make changes to my system i listen to Apostrophe before and after. I got that album in college and never played it much so its cherry :)

Have slowly added more from Hot Rats to Freak Out and a weird compilations from Warner/Reprise with Susie Cream Cheese, Tiny Tim and Zappa.

A true genius.
LOVE Frank Zappa!

Saw him at the Felt Forum in NYC on Halloween on the them or Us tour, my best friend and I both dressed as sheiks! remember almost being late as we got stuck at a light for the Village parade that night.....

Great show from an inspiring musician!
No one else likes Hot Rats and Joe's Garage?
For me, I only like Hot Rats, though not sure if I ever heard Joe's Garage. I do also like Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar, but don't consider that a real release, more of a novelty. But a darned good one.
One Burnt Weenie Sandwich for me, please.

I took to Zappa late, but once I got the bug.....
"Freak Out" was one of the first three "rock" albums I ever bought, back in high school, along with the Velvet Underground's Banana LP & Hendrix' "Are You Experienced".

If you haven't seen "Baby Snakes," watch it. You're in for a treat!
I have been waiting for some audiophile pressings, or have I missed them?
I like Hot Rats and Joe's Garage plenty.
Uncle Remus has one of the most beautiful guitar solos ever played on a rock album.

"Roxy and Elsewhere" and "One Size Fits All" are my favorite Zappa´s albums.

tv dinners by the pool, I'm so glad I finished school...

Peaches En Regalia smokes...
Carol King is my musical mother and FZ is my father.
Chopss-Good post...well done. Not too much "music" knowledge out here in Agon-land but I note, from your post, you have a depth many others don't.
"The boys in the crew are only waiting for you." One of his best solos IMO occurs on Overnite Sensation during the song Montana or whatever, about becoming "a dental floss tycoon." Frank was out there and great.
I've always loved the solo in City of Tiny Lights.

To me one of the best solos is on Wind up working in a gas station....and not only because it's short :D
Yes, City of tiny lights is also a great solo. I like the solo on Inca roads too. This is interesting:

"Inca Roads" in its official incarnation was premiered live in fall 1973. The guitar solo heard on the first version released, the one on the 1975 LP One Size Fits All, was recorded at a show in Helsinki, Finland -- it can be heard back in its own performance on You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 2 and is considered to be one of Zappa's greatest recorded solos (the one on the studio version of "Watermelon in Easter Hay" comes close).