Frank Van Alstine Grado Longhorn Cartridge??

Have any of you had any experience with the Van Alstine Grado Longhorn Cartridge? Characteristics,likes,dislikes, etc.?? Would you buy it again?? You guys seem to have opinions I value and always have some useful information. Thanks
What's your TT?
My TT is an AR ES-1 with a Sumiko Premier MMT arm. I emailed him and he said it would be a fine match. I was just wondering to experiment with and use as a back up. Any experience feedback from anyone would be appreciated. Thanks
Van Alstine's idea is good, I would say. The rods will add lateral and torsional stability and the damping clarity. Problem is he's doing it to a Grado Prestige Green, a very cheap cartridge. I have a Blue, which is one step above. It is thin on the midrange and, being unshielded, will pick up hum from surrounding environment.

Keep in mind you can buy a $325 high output Ortofon MC from the Hong Kong market for about $120, though...

All in all, this hobby is about spending money!
Psych I know you're right about spending money but I'd much rather spend what I have on music rather than on hardware.Thanks
If the cartridge is properly affixed in the headshell, and the arm has any stability whatsoever, this is a totally useless mod.