Frank Sinatra "The Voice" on Classic Records 180g

Just received a new copy of Sinatra's "The Voice" on Classic Records 180g vinyl. It sounds terrible... crackle and hiss though every song, and several distorted pataches.
Do I have a bad pressing, or are the original recordings that bad?
Get a CD, better yet an SACD, you will love either
The original recording does not sound like that. The first Classic 180g release sounded quite good. Sounds like you have a bad pressing.
Pbb, how does address his question?

It's as far fetched as:
Question: "My car stalls out at stop signs, one mechanic says it's the fuel injection, another says it's the spark plugs, what should I do?".

(A Pbb answer) Sell that car and buy one like MINE, it's perfect where as yours sucks.

Seriously, The Classic Records pressing of "The Voice" should be very quiet. I have a copy and my experience is the same as Narrod. I suggest you return yours and get a new one. Defects sometimes happen.

(I've bought CD's that skipped out of the package, should have bought an LP instead, right Pbb?)
Bad pressing send it back.
Albert, you will never admit it, but for every one good vinyl album out there you find at least another one that has bad surfaces or is warped in any number of ways. To you it's a religion, to me it's listening to music and relaxing. Nothing wrong with giving up on any given LP when you have reached the conclusion that all you can get are bad pressings or poor production using digital masters. It's all about stopping to hit one's head against a wall. Don't let the format dictate what music you listen to.

Comparaison n'est pas raison.
I will never admit it because I don't have the problem.

I find it strange that out of 6K records, my group of 20 + people listen, week after week and have no issues.

Perhaps I should have some of my visitors wade in here and testify, then again, you are going to buy CD's anyway so I don't know what the point would be.
My experience matches Albert's experience. While I see all the stories people share about their poor experiences buying new vinyl, I have not had the same experience. With over 6,000 LPs here, and regularly buying new vinyl from Music Matters, Analogue Productions, Pure Pleasure, Speakers Corner, Classic Records, Fone, and other labels, I'm not experiencing any of the problems others report. My condolences to those who do.