Frank Sinatra Capitol Years Lps vs CDs etc.

I'm getting back into vinyl pretty seriously, and want to explore some of my favorite Frank Sinatra--namely, the 50's work with Nelson Riddle on Capitol. There are the old issues on Capitol, then a lot of the material was re-issued on vinyl in (I think) the early 80's--probably remastered, but I'm not sure. Then there is The Capitol Years boxed set, which appears to consist of EMI UK pressings, but they may be from digital masters (which may or may not matter), and then the material was remastered again fairly recently for CD, which may or may not sound better than even previous Lp issues (though I'm inclined to doubt it).

Anybody have recommendations?

Many thanks
the mofi / mfsl box set of the captol is the best i've heard. the box often sells for 500 +. i never regretted a penny of the 550 i paid.

one is on sale in ebay for 350:

"Two very light suface blemishes on Record 1 (Swing Easy) does not affect play and are completely inaudible. All other records are in beautiful Near Mint condition. All sleeves are also Near Mint. Box has some moderately light shelf wear (see photos)"

This 16-LP limited edition box set was issued in 1983 by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. All LPs in this set were remastered from the original master tapes and pressed on virgin vinyl. This set is #6001.
MFSL 1-086 Nice N' Easy
MFSL 1-130 Swing Easy/Songs For Young Lovers
MFSL 1-131 In The Wee Small Hours
MFSL 1-132 Close To You
MFSL 1-133 A Swingin' Affair
MFSL 1-134 Where Are You
MFSL 1-136 Come Fly With Me
MFSL 1-137 Only The Lonely
MFSL 1-138 Come Dance With Me
MFSL 1-139 Look To Your Heart
MFSL 1-140 No One Cares
MFSL 1-141 Sinatra's Swingin' Session
MFSL 1-142 All The Way
MFSL 1-143 Come Swing With Me
MFSL 1-145 Sinatra Sings Of Love & Things
MFSL 1-146 Songs For Swingin' Lovers

* Be aware that this set does NOT include the Geo-Disc *
I bought the Mobile Fidelity Sinatra LP box set (used on eBay) last summer. The recordings are all from Capitol and the era you mentioned. The quality of the transfers/pressings is phenomenal - - you must hear it to believe it.
I found it and bought it.

This is what Audiogon is for. I had no idea this set existed. (It's 25 years old, after all!) And one would have every reason to think it would be as good as it gets.

Many thanks.
Just wanted to add that I too own this fantastic set. If you are a Sinatra fan of the Capital years, this is the set to have.
Many thanks to all of you recommenders. I was staring at the ceiling last night trying to go to sleep thinking, "you just spent $350 on a small stack of 25-year-old RECORDS??" But I'm sure there will be no regrets, in the end. (Compared to what I've dropped on some audio gear that's now collecting most of us, I'm sure...well, you know how it is...)
it's already worth more than that even w/out the geodisc, so you really did very well.
Tagyerit is right - if the records are in great shape, you got a wonderful buy.

One of the pluses of this set is the wealth of information in the liner notes. In addition to info on recording dates, a list of orchestral personnel is provided. Until I got this set, I didn't know that Felix and Eleanor Slatkin - founders of the Hollywood String Quartet (premiere American SQ of the 1940's/early 50's and parents of famous conductor Leonard Slatkin), were in the orchestra on many of the cuts. Players of that caliber account for the absolutely superb orchestral sound accompaning "The Voice" in this set.

I know you'll enjoy it!
Eweedhome...inquiring minds want to know. did you receive the set, and how is it?