Frank's Analog 2 from Signal Cable

To whom it may concern,

Frank's Ananlog 2 with Bullet plug sounded incredibly so good right out of the box that I was down to my knees and begging for more music. I was in heaven and and never had such an orgasm listening to my favorite CD's.

I had tried some of the expensive IC such as Tara Labs the One, Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II, and Synergistic Resolution Reference Active X, and the Analog 2 out performed these well known cable in my systems with an incredibly low price.

Frank, thank you so much for making this addictive hobby so affordable!!!

I agree-Signal Cable cables are very good. I'm using balanced interconnects from my CDP to amps and couldn't be happier!
I agree that Frank's cables are a steal at the price and offer very good performance, but in my system in a head to head comparison the Acoustic Zen Silver Ref smokes Signal Analog 2, no contest, the Analog 2 is congested and dull compared to the AZ cable. I have not tried the model with the bullet plugs though and maybe that makes all the difference.
Cable is system dependent..:-)...Give the analog 2 with bullet plug a try. You have 30 days to try it for free...It's 1/10 the cost of Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II.
i also tried Frank's Signal Analog 2 cable and the biwire speaker cable in my system...they replaced Tara Labs Ref. interconnects and Innersound speaker wire...well, the Signal Cable sounded much better than Tara/Innersound combo...but then i discovered Synchestra Signature that smoked the Signal Cable and for $200 used interconnects and speaker cable (retail for $800) i thought i got a pretty darn good deal...otoh, for less than $200 retail interconnects and speaker cables Signal Cable products are amazing!
Kind of OT but how revealing does a system have to be in order to be able to discern between various interconnects? I am thinking of trying some Signal Cable IC's but I am wondering if my mid-fi at best system will see any benefits.

Speakers: JBL S38
Reciever: Sony DA4ES
CD: Sony DVP-NC655P (DVD player)


You can audition Signal Cable 30 days for free...what is there to lose?...
High quality terminations, high quality OFC cable and the cost should immediately make it a no brainer. It is worth the time and effort to demo them. My entire 5.1 HT system is wired with Signal.
I wound up getting a pair of Analog 2's at the same time I upgraded my CD player to a Sony C222ES. I a/b'ed the interconnects (since the CDP has 2 sets of outputs) and the Signal cables won out.

Can someone clarify for me what the benefits of bullet plugs are?
I am seriously considering Signal Cable (mainly because of reviews and comments like these), but I don't have experience with that type of termination.
Eichmann RCA's have less material to get in the way of the signal,but they can be fragile to some users. I have tried various RCA's in order to narrow down what might be the best to use on cables I am making.

Alot depends on synergy also. Some people have experienced negative attributes using Bullet plugs,but a majority of users swear by them.

Other plugs I used with good results are HomeGrowns Gold\Silver and Rhodium plated RCA's along with Cardas SLVR's. For speaker wire termination I go with Audioquest for being minimalist in desin like Eichmanns. I will also point out that if you can get away with not using termination for speaker cables use none. I use Bananas connectors and spades for Bi-Wiring purposes.

Lastly try to take out as many binding post as possible because they add coloration. I have my XO's outboard and connect to them with bare wire.

Hope that helps!