Franco Serblin RIP

We are saddened to learn that Franco Serblin, founder of Italian loudspeaker manufacturer Sonus Faber, passed away on Easter Sunday, March 31, at 73. Larry Greenhill interviewed Franco Serblin in June 1992 for Stereophile. We will add more details as they become available.
He was first to made the loudspeaker a work of art and they sounded as good as they looked!

You'll be remembered.
I listen to his masterpieces every night as this was one great speaker designer and a true gentleman. You are already missed, but not forgotten. RIP
A man with true class. RIP
I have owned several of his works of art, still have one pair I recently bought back after I accidentally sold them last year.

He redefined speaker exterior design in modern history, he will be missed by many who still treasure his older works.

As Louis Black so eloquently stated: "The good die young. Pricks live forever". Franco was a true artist. RIP.
Perhaps the most impressive experience after hearing b&w loudspeakers for the 1st time was hearing SF Extremas for the 1st time. I could not pick myself up from the center chair at the audio show, but a line had formed waiting on me. I smiled as i got up and nodded at the next person in line, and told the rep i would hopefully return later for some more tunes. I searched for months for a used pair (there was one but it already had a deposit on it). not a great looking speaker (described as the audio version of a Saab), but gorgeous sounding, almost intoxicatingly natural, self-effacing non-hi-fi but totally high-end.
another room had the Electra-Amators hooked up to a nothing-special set of components, and THEY sounding great, too (even though they were pointed at my knees). I wondered WHAT was going on here with this manufacturer anyway, or could it just be me? Playboy magazine even came out with a glowing review of the E.Amators to the tune of "don't miss out on the opportunity to hear these speakers for yourself". Great product, great company, what else can i say? VERY sad to get this sort of news. at least IMHO, this guy made a lot of musicphiles very happy.
Very sad to hear of Mr.Serblin's passing. IMO, he was one of the greatest speaker designer's. RIP.
I recently listened to a pair of stand mounted "Accordos" out in San Diego. This was a relatively new design from his new company after he left Sonus Faber. This was one of the most amazing sounding loudspeakers I've ever heard. Would have bought them on the spot if I could afford them. Franco Serblin was a true master at loudspeaker design and the audiophile community along with all his friends and family will miss him.
Anybody knows why he sold/left Sonus Faber?
Again, my heart goes out to his family and his legacy. I have had the opportunity to listen to both the Ktema and Stadivari side by side. I came to listen to the Strads since i was thinking about purchasing them. The owner insisted i listen to the Ktemas, so i said OK. I attached my modest simaudio 600i integrated and played Traci Chapman. Wow, i immediately heard the separation, the dynamic soundstage and even the precise base. Truly, i felt the sound was a bit bright, but i understand these particular speakers have not been broken in yet. My girlfriend which has no audiophile background nor listen to much music said, the sound is no longer muffled in comparison to the Strads. So i turned to the owner and stated, "by you playing the Ktemas, i no longer want the Strads, unfortunately i cannot afford the Ktemas" needless to say i walked away empty handed, but i really are considering the Ktemas.

So i sit wondering, what will happen to company following the passing of FS? Are the Ktemas limited? Should i think about the availability of replacement parts in the future?

Any advice or suggestions would be highly appreciated.