Franco Serbin Accordos after one month.....

After living with these Accordos for a month and listening to my music collection all over again l have drawn some conclusions..there not the loudest, there not the most dynamic,there not home theater..there not beryllium highs and carbon mids. but l have to say there the most "emotional " speakers I've owned...the kiln dried walnut cabinets, silk dome tweeters and paper cut midranges are pure old school  majic..the human voice sounds more natural than anything I've ever owned...your favorite music will draw you to tears...l only play them with the best recorded songs..there so delicate, detailed and transparent...double edged sword with poor recordings...there almost too revealing for casual listening...l feel like l have to make a quality decision on the music l play when listening to them.....very special speakers!...super cool 😎 


Congrats they sound like awesome speakers musicality is the best trait of really good speakers in my opinion.

Sounds good. Others have praised the brand too. You did misspell they're a few times though.

Congratulations ; vinnydabully as they truly are beautiful speakers. Franco Serblin who was the original master behind Sonus Faber creates some works of art sonically as well as aesthetically with his speakers. I have looked at the Accordos  as well as the Ktema's and they are speakers that I am surprised have not gained much of a following over here in the US. Enjoy the music as I am sure you will .....     

Enjoy your Accordo's. They're beautiful to look at, and I'm sure they sound fantastic.

I have no doubt Serblin's line follows his SF legacy. They're probably constructed better than the current Sonus Faber.

My longing for a pair of Stradivari's continues.

I would love to listen to the Stradaveris....l can't comment on them because I've never heard l won't make any judgments..other than the 6 1/2 in. Polypropylene mid seems a little big and the aluminium woofers may have some inertia issues....but l could be totally wrong...the cabinets are exquisite....audiophiles often say the Stradaveris are Franco Serbins best work....

Obviously they look like the Sonus.  If any of you are in the NYC area our Listening Room in Northern New Jersey we have the Sonus Faber Strats that you are welcome to come listen to.


While having emotion in sound is one of the things we also love, equipment used can also add other attributes like sound stage, dimension, speed, openness, detail to that sound so you can have it all.


Congrats and Happy Listening.



@roxy54 let it go. This a forum not a term paper.

You did misspell they're a few times though.

I have always found that a well made silk dome tweeter (think Scanspeak) sounds extremely natural without the tipped up highs.  Good speaker choice, enjoy!


After hearing many different good tweeters over the years, I have to agree with you. It's hard to beat a good silk dome.


Did you ever consider that the correction might have saved him from future embarrassment if that mistake was made in a business email for example? We all learn here about different things.

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Indeed the Serblin speakers seem to be overlooked here in the US. I think possibly because of their aesthetic? Not sure why else?

IMHO, Franco's best works were the GH's, the Strads and the Ktema's. Each needs a room appropriate for the speaker size, like all speakers.

I'm a 60 year old  hard working machinist, who owns no home computer...(wife has one)...l still can't figure out how to post pics on Audiogon easily...she could help me far as aesthetics go l can see your point.The speakers are very ornait, maybe too much...the Accordo essence (not mine) looks like a museum piece.. everything is so it to a Tecton and your head will explode..   l can live with my Accordos, but my furniture is barley worthy....the speakers look like there overdressed for a a party in my room...

I think you have to post a link. Ask your wife. Post the picture to Photo Bucket or other site and link to it in your post. I haven’t done it myself, but I am repeating instructions I have read on this site.