FPB Series - Hot Running?

I'm sure the FPB series of Krell amps aren't cool running, but how hot do they run? Too hot to touch? Will they heat a medium sized room to uncomfortable levels without extra cooling? I'm specifically asking about the FPB-200 and FPB-300 - no interest in the 600. Thanks, Kirk
Can only comment on the FPB 200. Heat output is not problematic for me or the cat. At maximun output, the manual says it's capable of using 1700 watts which would be about 13% more than a typical 1500 watt electric space heater. Even listening to Rave-Electronica with my 4 ohm KEF's, it's never put out as much heat as a space heater on a 900 watt setting.

In the midwest at this time of year, a little extra heat just helps the furnace cycle a little less often. So Enjoy!
I had an FPB 300 and before buying it had the same concerns. It could get to hot to touch for long and it will heat a good size room to uncomfortable levels especially if the room is closed. On the positive side it made a great space heater in the cold weather and if your stove should break...bottom line, a nice amp, but that baby makes heat...period!!!
I own and use both the FPB and the KSA 300's. No doubt about it, the FPB is MUCH hotter than the KSA.
When both are just sitting with no music, but in the on position, the KSA300S is actually cool; not so with the FPB300, as it is quite warm. When playing music, the KSA gets warm and the FPB gets hot.
But.........the FPB is overall a far better amp!
I have a fpb 200c which does run hot but not that hot. Very nice amp. I might be selling it if your interested let me know?
On a home trial with the FPB 300 driving Thiel CS7.2s I thought this amp became unacceptably hot. To hot to keep my hand on it. I ended up with a Classe Omicron, which also can get quite hot (not as hot as the Krell however), and it raises the temperature in my 22x16x9.5 room noticeably, uncomfortably so during warm weather.
I think the thing that strikes me the most in this discussion of heat coming from an amp is the incredible inefficiency. Of course, Krell is not alone in this regard most Pure Class A designs will have the same problem within their respective wattage and current output. I, for one, really never gave it much thought regarding the energy usage for my beloved musical enjoyment hobby. But taken to its extreme, of inefficient design in amplication and speaker systems and some desires to rumble a buildings foundation, hi-end audio, and worse, Home Theatre, it is an incredible energy usage. This is particularily important when you think why we are meddling in the Middle-East. Oil! Our foreign policy is largely driven by Corporate economic considerations (cheap resources and cheap labor). Corporations and, unfortunately, the government (one could argue they are one in the same) try to convince us, quite effectively, that a measure of the person is how much they consume or how they have positioned themselves to consume rather than how they serve their fellow humans, animals, and the planet. Couple hundred years ago Andrew Jackson called this "Manifest Destiny" as he forced Indians to march in the dead of winter from their indigenous homes so we could have a better life at the Indian's expense rather than learning how to co-exist. Sustainability was not an issue then and it is not really today. Having a big short term party at every one else's expense the world over is a goal rather than a cause for grave concern (in light of recent tragic events). I love music delivered via hi-end audio. So knowing these things can really be boiled down to a series of mass balance equations, in terms of the big picture, I have become more energy aware and compensated in other parts of my life including chucking the idea of a Ford Expedition like "automobile", riding my bike when practical, getting local grown vegetables instead of having them trucked across the country, telecommuting whenever I can, raising the building temps in summer and cooler in winter, doing more near-field listening of my stereo so the volume does not have to be up as high, paying more attention to speaker efficiencies and simple room acoustic treatments, doing more things by hand like dishes and hanging laundary out to dry (remember the days before remote control and the related "Wall Worts" that suck power for the convenience of "instant on", this reminds of that old song that goes something like "in the year 2525 we wouldn't need our hands and we wouldn't need our...."), checking CDs out of the library, and so on and so forth. Krell and others companies make great equipment and we should be able to enjoy it! I think we still can morally if we are aware of and act in accordance of the big picture. This world is in this for the long run and so should all of us. I am seriously thinking about looking into the Bel Canto Digital Amp offerings because they are widely reported to sound great and are nearly 95% energy efficient (versus 10% of many Class A designs). The long term security of our great nation depends on understanding the big picture and this is something we can all influence by how we live our lives, no matter how hard Daddy Corporation tells us what a life is. Sorry to run on like this but the big picture is what more of us Americans have begun to think more about this past month and this is my small contribution.
But my tube amp doesn't sound right unless I waste an hour of power pulling 380-watts at idle before critical listening. ;-)
I know its a bummer. I just plant native species so I don't have to mow the lawn in that part of the house to compensate. That will take care of silly energy usage for vanity sake not to mention the outrageous levels of air pollution a gas mower gives off. It really can be healthy for all of us having less connection to petroleum centric operating devices and that includes Dick Channey. :)
Nanderson...please lighten up!!! All the question was does the Krell amp run hot. Somehow you got into world politics. Take it easy...we aren't building a rocket ship here!!! Go to the fridge and get one of those icies, or whatever those things are and relax.

Sorry if I disrupted your blissfulness. Why not question our energy usage? Maybe you should ask the entire state of California the same question when they were mandated to shut down all non-essential electrical devices. Seems to me that big sections of California had their heads in the sand. Lightening up is what Americans have done for too many years. It is a lifestyle for many. Not taking seriously the connection of energy to national security and how unconscious Americans are to the many interconnected consequences that we represent 5% of the worlds population but use 25% of its resources (what is the fate of the remaining 95% if they want our unconscious lifestyle). Look, I understand this discussion breaks in and makes people think about their consumer choices. But if a person in California where to light up 18-26 100-watt lightbulbs (energy equivalent of your typical big Class A system) on their front yard everytime they listen to music at night (so the bulbs would be plainly visible) and post a sign that says "These lightbulbs represent the amount of energy I use to listen to Fleetwood Mac. Hey guys, do you think my lifestyle has anything to do with our energy problems ? If so take a put check in the yes box on the cards supplied below?" what do you think would be the response? Not wanting to even consider how our indulgences affect the poor people of the world (not least of which is their disgust, travel the world and find out about others opinions,and take George with you at the same time) or the habitat that gets wrecked pursuing more resources so we don't have to think about the consequence during our lifetimes could result in times when energy will be on all our minds much of time (e.g., California). Then we might not be able to lighten up. You do not have to be a tree hugger to think about interconnections of issues or appreciate the satisification of living a life that is sustantiable for all.
I hear you my friend and I feel your pain, but holy baloney,all the question was for this poor guy...DOES THE FPB RUN HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have an FPB 200 in a large room driving Thiel 6’s. The amp can and does heat up the room. After listening at mid to high volumes it is hot to the touch but not enough to burn your fingers to the bone.

My FPB 200 saves tons of energy during the winter months. It also serves as a space heater. I have a little computer fan sitting on top, pointed at my feet, keeps the toes nice and warm. Way better than a Fireplace, LOL
Thanks to all who responded. My room is 14x18 and on the interior of the house, so ventilation / air circulation is an issue, and it sounds like one of the FPB (probably any pure class-A amp) would overheat the room. -Kirk
I have a FPB-200c and it does get warm but not hot. Prior to this amp I had a KAV-250 which got extremely hot.
Itsalldark - That's interesting. It runs LESS hot than the KAV-250? That's the amp I have now, so I'm familiar with how hot it runs - definitely uncomfortably warm to the touch. I had assumed that a pure class A amp would run even hotter, but perhaps the plateau biasing keeps it cooler. Thanks, Kirk
I was surprised as well, no comparison as far as heat build up or sound. Go for thr FBP200C, you will love it.
I don't get it - I had a KAV250a that was practically stone cold @idle; the top cover was always only slightly warm. Maybe it wasn't biased correctly & that's why I didn't care much for its sound?