FPB 300 vs 600 - Incremental or Fundamental?

Hi all,

I'm about to replace my Krell KAV250A, and am considering either the FPB300 or the FPB600. Purchasing the '300 is not too much of a stretch, but the 600 will require much belt -tightening and sacrifice. My question is: are they really that different? Does the 600 give you a bit more detail, depth, slam, air, whatever, than the 300, or is it an entirely different level of performance?

In doing this upgrade, I'm hoping for truth of timbre, more of the 'performers in the room' type of experience. Musicality, of course, is always the top priority.

Any comments, especially from those who have spent time with both amps, wil be greatly appreciated

My system:
Krell 300cd
Krell KRC-HR pre
Krell KAV 250A amp
Aerial Acoustics 10T
Interconnects Audioquest Diamond x3 (XLR)
ESP Essence power cords

Kind regards
I had an FPB 200 (I know,not the one you're asking about) and sold it to buy an FPB 700cx (I know,not the one you're asking about) but in my experience the two amps were vastly different.

The control the 700 held over the music was amazing. The bass was faster, and tighter, the midrange was smoother, and fuller. I didn't really notice a lot of difference in the highs, as I recall. Soundstaging and imaging was deeper, wider, fuller, and more defined.

Other than that, I didn't notice any difference.

I wrote reviews for both amps if you want to read them. Clink on the threads link under my looser, I mean user name.
Can't help you on your question,but hey good speakers and a nice pre you got there.I got the 10T's too.
All the best in your audio adventure.
Zuraid, I too am an owner of the 10Ts. Of course everybody has different tastes.

Anyway, there was a review about 6 years ago by Peter Moncrief that placed the McCormack DNA-2 LAE(limited anniversary edition) amp head and shoulders over every other amp including over the Krell Reference Standard and the FPB 300.

I've never owned but have listened to a number of Krell amps, including the 300s, 600s, etc., and was never impressed.

I purchased a used DNA-2 LAE and it seemed as though it was everything Peter Moncrief said it was.

But then, a friend was pestering me to try a DNA-2 Revision A amp. Revision A is a complete rebuild by Steve McCormack (smcaudio.com) where he uses nothing but the best aftermarket parts he's aware of for the rebuild.

Nevertheless, I bought a used DNA-2 Revision A a few years ago and the improvements are by far the most significant I've ever witnessed.

I've done a lot of little tweaks here and there but ain't nothing that comes close what this DNA-2 Revision A amp does.

I could quote numerous statements that a reviewer made when he came to my home for a 3 hour session, but I'll only quote two here:

"There are amps that cost a whole lot more than this amp that couldn't even come close to what this DNA-2 Revision A can do." and "When you told me that you had the 10Ts I was going to cancel the evalution because I've heard the 10Ts in plenty of setups and in every case the bass was wooly, sloppy, and ill-defined, but you obviously have them matched up to the right amp."

And those were the more mild quotes. Anyway, last time I checked there was a DNA-2 Rev. A for sale on Agon and if you were to also purchase a used pair of Au24 speaker cables, you'd have a sound most people aren't even aware exists.

I have had both the FPB 300 and then the FPB 600. They are similar in many many ways, if money is an issue go for the FPB 300. I would say that The FPB 600 delivers a wider sounstage, more detail, but to me it was not a WOW factor. What really made a big difference was the sistrum SP 101 support, and the Kubala- Sosna "Emotion" Power Cord 20A , that was amazing in every way. I also audition the 400cx and liked it much better, no RCA input and you can not use a different power cord on the CX. I would deeply consider trying out some other CD player if it is possible, I think you could be in for a big surprise. A few that come to mind is Audio Research CD3, Aurio Capital Mk2 latest, Sony SACD, or for less money Cary /?. Any question I would be glad to answer, just e-mail.
I own the FPB 200c, and haven't compared to the other two, but did own the KAV250a just prior. I have to believe that the step from the 250a to the 300 is the huge step, and from the 300 to the 600 minor in comparison. The 10T's like a lot of juice, but the 300 will deliver it, IMO. I'd go for the 300, feel comfortable about the spend, and start buying music again sooner.

Are you considering the 400cx, or at least a 300c? It does seem, given your like of Krell, that an upgrade to CAST connects at some point would be something you'd want to allow for.
I've owned both amps and the 600 stomps the 300 sonically! I am amazed by the other responses that there isn't any Wow factor. My experience was different. The 600 never fatigues and sounds effortless. You can never have too much power and the 600 is fantastic in that regard. Soundstage, control, musicality is all superior in my opinion to the 300. I have owned KSA-250, FPB-300, FPB-600 and now the 750mcx monos.
I bought a 300cx a couple of years ago under the provision that I could trade up to a 400cx for a full credit within a week of purchase. Well I did exercise that option and the results were very apparent; also to my wife (yay!). There was more clarity, extension and a more 3D presentaiton to the music.