Fozgometer/Adjust + Exchange

I bought the Fieckert Adjust + for azimuth alignment. Even though my recently acquired ZYX Universe II X sounds spectacular, it doesn't produce 1 kHz at 25 dB and therefore the Fieckert tool doesn't work with it. I would like to see if the Fozgometer produces the same results or will actually work, but don't want to buy one - I see no point to owning two tools for azimuth alignment. So, I'm wondering if someone who owns the Fozgometer would want to try out the Adjust + so that I can try out the Fozgometer. Preference would be someone around the Los Angeles area, but we can exchange via mail.  The Adjust + comes with-
USB Dongle
Test Record
Sound Card w/ RCA cable
Manual (pdf)

This would be a temporary exchange.
In LA and interested. I do have a Foz.

Is Adjust+ PC only, or Mac compatible too? 

I'm on the East side, you?

Pasadena . Per Fieckert website-
Adjust+ works on all dual-core PC‘s running at least Microsoft®
Windows® XP SP3, appropriate soundcard necessary

Will that work for you?
This sounds a little strange to me if you can adjust the gain on your phono preamp.

What do you see on the screen when you play the test record? Do you mean the output of the cartridge/phono section is too high and there’s clipping/overloading the input of the soundcard even when you reduce gain to its lowest adjustable? If so, the gain can be further padded down by putting resistors in between the phono section and sound card.

I had this problem too. Everything worked fine after I made the adjustment. A tech could help you get the right value of resistors for your phono preamp and sound card.

It’s worth it. The Foz works fine for crosstalk measurement balancing but does not also match phase as Adjust Plus does. Both are important!
Now that I think about it, the issue started occurring right after I changed the 12AU7's for a higher gain 12AV7's.  Could be the gain, that makes sense now.  I have gotten a new ARC Ref Phono 2SE that has a low gain setting - I'll give that a shot over the weekend and let you know if it works.  Thanks!!
Looks like that won't be usable for me, but you're welcome to use the Foz regardless. Can you PM me and we can set something up? I'm very close to the 110 in Silver Lake.