Fourplay ...yes please Jazz CD

Does anyone own this CD as well as their other works? I have this CD and like it a lot, but before rushing out to purchase their other stuff I would like to know if it is similiar to this album.

Also, if you own this CD, could you recommend some other artists very similiar?
Yes you will enjoy their other cds. Their older work is better. You will really enjoy 3rd force they have a cd called collective force which is a best of and is very good. Also you will enjoy The rippingtons & Spyro gyra
Thanks Lev335. I saw their "Best Of" CD at the store; IYO is it worth it to buy their other CD's or just buy the "Best Of" CD?
I'll have to agree with Lev335. Some of their earlier CD's are better than Yes Please. I own all of their CD's except the Greatest Hits.

This is truly one of the best band's around.

You might also try to find their DVD. I got my copy at Ken Crane.
I really liked this disk as well but for some reason I remeber a stereopile(not a typo) write up which states this CD is the calaboration of 4 artists with no talent, they must not have been listening to the same CD I got, its the only explanation. I have several of there other CD's and like them a lot, I think of this as smooth jazz which happens to be my favorite genre, I beleive there was a great thread a while back about smooth jazz that gives lots of good recomendations, try searching fot it you will not be disappointed. Enjoy :=) Tim The Tire Guy
Any particular Rippington's CD you would suggest? I am thinking of joining BMG to purchase these.

BMG doesn't list 3rd Force by Fourplay; they have Fourplay, 4, Between the Sheets, Elixr, Yes Please, Best of... and Snowbound (Christmas CD)
I have them all except greatest hits, having gotten hooked first on Between the Sheets, which is still my favorite. Rippingtons' Sahara and Moonlighting are real good too. Lots of Spyra Gyra out there in the used record bins. Haven't found any of their music I didn't like, but I don't have it all. Also Acoustic Alchemy, which for some reason may be in New Age in the store if not in Jazz. BMG has them too.Didn't really like Russ Freeman's collaboration album From the Rockies to the Redwoods.Have fun and hope you enjoy.
To Brianmgrarcom,

3rd Force is actually the name of another group, not an album by Fourplay; their music is similar in style to that of Fourplay. I second Lev355's recommendation on this one.

Happy Listening!
I would buy Black Diamond by the rippingtons and aslo Sahara but Sahara is a brite recording but a good disk. Black Diamond is great. Between the sheets by fourplay is their trademark cd. Very good. All their music is good. All of third forces cds are good but buy starting with the best of( collective force) It gives you an idea of what they are about. Good Luck email if you need more suggestions
Smooth Jazz is not jazz. Keith Jarett, the jazz pianist, has said that it should be sold in pharmacies as it is a sedative. For an analogy that a tire guy would understand Fourplay is to Miles Davis what the Firestone AT is to Pirelli P Zero Asimmetrico.
Listen to some of the solo releases from band members Bob James and Larry Carlton. Both have recorded with some of the biggest names in contemporary smooth jazz. The recent release by Carlton called "Fingerprints" is especially good.

If you really like Fourplay, here are a few others worth checking out:

Bony James
Rick Braun
David Sanborn
Peter White
Gerald Albright
Walter Beasley
Kim Waters
Pamala Williams
Paul Hardcastle

There's a wealth of great smooth jazz available, and these are just a few that come to mind. Also give a listen to the new release from Kevin Tooney called "Strut"

Good Listening,

To add to Garyl's list. I would also check out:

Richard Elliot
Dave Koz
Grover Washington Jr.

I liked the Rippington's Black Diamond, Topaz, & The St. James Club.
I could not have said it better myself Pefstratiou...
Maybe smooth jazz is not real "jazz"(I better be carful how I use that word don't want the Jazz police to come after me)but neither is acid jazz to most but the folks who listen to that consider it real jazz. To each his own, maybe a Firestone AT is not a P-zero but they both do a great job for there intendid user.
Tireguy you are lucky. I left the jazz police on disability due to to exposure to toxic fumes of Kenny G. Cheers.
Although Larry Carlton is the guitarist on Yes Please, I have some others that feature Lee Ritenour, FWIW. Enjoy them all anyway.

And although I enjoy his music, Keith Jarrett's condescending commentary could be sold as an alternative to syrup of ipecac.
If you liked the last foreplay you are easy to please. With all that talent that had to be the worst release ever expected. Pefstratiou's post was correct about smooth Jazz not being Jazz. It sounds like the same song over and over. Check out Foreplay's members solo works or their earlier works.
I have the DVD-auido of's pretty good
I just got back to this thread, you guys are killing me!!! What do you clasify smooth jazz as if it is not jazz? Pop? Lighten up not all of us are 60 years old, I just can't get into most of the really old stuff that most of you guys refer to as "jazz" maybe that should be relabeled as "random instrumental". Smooth jazz(fourplay) is as much jazz as Miles Davis just like saying Incubus is not rock because it is not Elvis, times change as do styles, terms become more elastic as they get older.
I have been a Bob James fan for about 25 years. Geez, that made me feel OLD.....
Following him lead me to many artists that I would have never found since they never got air play. I would just look to see if he had anything to do with the album and buy it.
If you go to Amazon, you can listen to parts of the songs
on the CD's that they have for sale.
Sorry guys, Fourplay stinks!!! It's not good jazz, and I frankly hesitate to call it jazz. Unfortunately, groups and individuals such as Fourplay, The Rippingtons, Dave Koz, Spyra Gyra, and Kenny G have grossly misrepresented the genre. Perticularly Kenny G, whom I feel should be incarserated. Down with Kenny G, up with T. Monk, George Gables, Paul Desmond, Kenny Burrell, and Bill Evans.
Thank you for that comment full of wit and information, I am going to sleep better tonight knowing that you don't like any of that music. FWIW The Gerry Muligan Paul Desmond Quartet "Blues In Time" is my favorite Jazz recording, I just also enjoy the other non-jazz stuff too. To each his own. Best wishes,
I don't consider smooth jazz as "Jazz". I prefer the Hard Bop and Bop era. However, my Sister gave me the Fourplay "Best of ..." CD for Christmas several years ago. It remained sealed until about a week ago. She listens to Rippingtons, Manhattan Transfer, Spyro Gyra, etc., and assumed that I'd like it. I scanned through each song, not expecting much, then came upon track 3 and played it TWICE. (This is coming from a guy with over 4,000 1950's jazz records!) The title is "Higher Ground", a song made famous by Stevie Wonder, featuring Take 6. I found it a fairly decent recording, funky, and fun to listen to. I can't stand the other 11 songs, but was pleased to find one worth listening to.

I'm not buying any of their other CD's though ...
Tireguy just kills me!!! Angela100 too, following Bob James for 25 years...WOW. I guess Tireguy was right in saying "to each their own". Unbelievable.
This isn't another "that ain't music" thread it was about fourplay, just cause you don't like it doesn't mean that others don't. Just like any other genre, just for some reason people take it personally when it comes to smooth jazz, they would rather hear that your into Metal, polka, etc, then smooth jazz, that kills me.
Smooth jazz has it's place. In elevators, in up-scale stores, in malls, as background music. Just my most humble opinion, of course. Remember, I'm the guy that found one listenable song on a Fourplay CD!
Brianw- I can appreciate your opinion, as I said everyone is into different music, to tell someone what they listen to is bad, is plain dumb. I mean theres no rocks involved with rock&roll, it seems that anyone that likes it is stupid, LOL! I don't care if it was called smooth pop, I would still enjoy it. Cheers,
hey, let's change the topic to power cords! That should calm it down a bit.... :)

Trying to clasify music is like trying to put books or CD's in a category. It's difficult.. well, maybe it's impossible.

An example - I was looking at DVD's by "category" on Amazon - they had Clockwork Orange and 5th Element under comedy.

All I can say about Bob James is that I found Chick Corea, Billy Cobham, Al Dimeola, Stanley Turentine, Grover Washington, Jr, and many others from the initial path of finding Bob James. I don't listen to a lot of Bob James today, but I have a soft spot in my heart because I can pin point where the journey began back in '71. He saved me from DISCO and opened my eyes that there was more to music than top 40 on the radio!

Cheers everyone- AJ
You may have missed my point, Tireguy. I don't mind Smooth Jazz while riding in an elevator or as background music while walking through a Casino in Lost Wages. In fact, it is relaxing. But during a listening session? No way. That's when you bring out the Hank Mobley, Ben Webster, and Grant Green, (sending Kenny G back to the shopping mall). Remember, this is just my opinion. (And I did find ONE listenable song on the Fourplay "Best ..." CD).
Gotcha, in which case I would have to agree with you, I tend to enjoy driving-with unfamaliar people- listening to smooth jazz, tends to relax everyone and get things rolling(no pun intendid). I don't recall if I have ever sat and critically listened to it, it is entertaining and has its place, but doesn't contain content enough to try to envolve yourself with, nor does it have the fidelity/recording quality of your fore mentioned list.

This reminds me of the thread about Rap speakers, and a lot of people flamed me for saying "do you actually critically listen to that stuff?" now I am mearly trying to defend a purposeful(or at least possibly more porposefull then rap) music category and no one is here for back up, why is that? I believe Sean has made some very powerful coments on the rap speaker thread that all of you smooth jazz antagoniser's should read, I am not saying sell your jazz and get all smooth jazz but I am saying that it is a music catagory that deserves as much-or little respect- as rap would in the hi-fi corner.
Too bad Jazz Talk Bulletin Board at was shut down. This was THE place where jazz (yes, even Smooth jazz) was discussed in great detail. The majority of posters were NOT audiophiles, just jazz lovers. The truth is, smooth jazz doesn't take me to the emotional high, nor to the level that Be-Bop era music does. Considering the prices that many records from this era sell for, many others must feel the same way.

I believe that sometimes people mistake strong opinion for audio/music as snobbery. I am not a snob. I'm not trying to convert anyone to my tastes. Hell, I wish fewer folks liked Bop and Hard Bop, as it would lower the prices of rare items. You can purchase smooth jazz through Columbia House, I can't. I appologize if my past comments were taken to heart. Maybe the Smooth jazz/elevator music thing was out of line. Sorry.
You know I'm going to commend Brianw for taking the position he has. Sometimes my passion for vintage jazz gets the best of me. Tireguy was right..."to each there own" if smooth jazz moves you, then that's wonderful. But please try listening to Monk, Sun Ra, Art Pepper, etc., give it a shot. I too appologize for my strong remarks.
Kiwi no problem at all, I must admit I sometimes enjoy a debate and can get carried away with myself. I do enjoy the old and golden stuff, but appreciate the new as well, telling someone what music is "right" is like saying there is one cable that will work great in every system, fortunatly we are all different :)
As I started this post and now see it has resurfaced, I thought I would follow up. I now own all of Fourplay's discs, except their Christmas and Best of CD's. At this point they are easily my favorite group.

I should no better than get sucked into an argument, but it isn't the first time. The argument against smooth Jazz is a bit stupid to me as is to say it can't be used for "critical" listing, whatever is meant by "critical".

As Tireguy was stating, there are many, many forms of music, Smooth Jazz just happens to share the name as Jazz and for whatever reason, Jazz listeners can handle this. A little revealation, it's called Smooth Jazz, not Jazz, therefore they are not the same.

Is light rock not music because it's not rock? Everyone recognizes the difference.

Over the years I have tried Jazz, I just can't do it, maybe someday (when I grow up).

One could state the Symphony is the only serious music, etc.
It's all a matter of preference. Those original blue notes sure sell for a lot of money ...
Fourplay is well recorded but is very digital sounding. Did you know Fourplay is on DVD 2-channel (well recorded too!)
Fourplay will be at the IMAC theater in Huntington , LI, NY in November should be a great show!