Fourier Panthare opinions

Anyone having a opinion on these amps I would like to hear it; thinking of a pair for my soundlab m2's.
I worked for Fourier right before they closed and really loved the sound of the Panthere amps. We showed them with our speakers at CES in 97 with great success. I would go back to our display after everone else had gone to bed and listen into the wee hours. They are great with Sound Labs and were really designed to work with a high impedence load like they have. I would like to have a pair but I also like the Krell 700c I own. They can be noisy if you get some with bad transformers and I would make sure before buying that they are quiet.
I had a pair a few years back and the sonics were superb. I still have yet to hear the type of huge soundstage these amps threw, along with great bass and superb detail driving my Wilson Sophia speakers. I also used a pair of Zero autoformers to raise the impedance of the speakers, something you should strongly consider, especially if your speakers are a difficult load (i.e. low impedance, impedance dips, reactive load, etc.). The main drawbacks are their ability to double as a space heater--each monoblock draws 5 amps at idle, so you may want to consider a separate AC circuit for each. I also had problems with mine from time to time where one channel or other would get weak and fuzzy. I seemed to remedy this by cleaning each tube socket and re-tensioning the tube pin socket springs, which was a relatively easy but time-consuming job. If you are not into having to do what might turn out to be some maintenance on them, you may not want to go this route. If it were my choice I would stick to a current model like the Atma-Spheres, which have a reputation for far greater reliability. I also know a few other Panthere users who you might speak with, so if you e-mail me I will give you their e-mail addresses.
I owned a pair as well and they are outstanding amps. They are a perfect mate with Electrostatics which I used them with for a short time.

I eventually sold them due to the commitment to keep them running properly. there were versions which had room for improvement such as soft start capabilities, and other things to put less stress on the tubes.

I spent one evening trying to locate a bad tube which was a 6 hour event which was the final straw. You must let the amp cool down and the volages to exit each time you power up and down.
wow, are you looking at that pair for sale here? I have not seen a hit count as high before, 1 day 2500 views. FWIW, when I sold mine about 5 years ago, I had trouble finding a buyer and eventually only got $2500 for my pair.
thanks for everyones response thus far.
I own them for 4 years now. You really need an expert forn keeping these alive. They are like formula 1 racing cars. Patience and know how are key here. The most important caveat for having less trouble is a set of 8 6C33C tubes that are closely matched. All 8 need to have the same mA value! We decided to test the tubes our self.

Also the 6922 (2x) need to be closely matched. If all is well, the sound from this amp is breathtaking. They even drive my Avalon Ascent 5.5 ohm load wih ease. Volume is earsplitting. The sound stage is as big as the recording permits. Bass is tight. Dynamic swings are amazing, a dream come true.
Hi everyone,
I own a pair of these wonderful amplifiers. The thread of one of the speaker connectors is damaged. I'd like to know if anyone knows where I can buy a new set? They are made of solid copper. I once saw a pair very similar in a web site but, didn't take note.
I appreciate your help.

Thanks a lot!
solid copper;my guess would be the Edison Price Music Post.
A late reply perhaps but I replaced all speaker binding posts with Cardas connectors. I also made a second speaker binding post with Cardas wire and Cardas connectors since I have to biwire my speakers. Very good. I also replaced the fans with new quiet fans. This is all helpfull.
Keep them rolling!
Hodelrecords how are they performing for you and what speakers are you driving?
Yes they perform now for over one year without interuption. I have to admit that many things that could cause trouble has been replaced now (caps etc). They are still driving my Avalon Ascents II without autoformer. Amazing combination that deserves the best wire,pre amps and sources available.
Hodelrecords; even though this is a old post I happened to see it so I was glad to hear they are running well for you but I got nervous as I was hearing horror stories on these amps;I ended up with a pair of audiovalve challanger 180 monoblocks that I traded in my cary slam 100's and cash.
They are driving my soundlab m2's extremely well and sound similiar to my roland model 6's when I switch to solid state in the summer months.
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Rleff, its OT but there are some simple mods that make the Sound Labs a lot easier to drive and also has them sounding better. Sound Lab also has a new backpanel that reflects what some of these mods are about. PM me if you are interested in the mods.
I restored a pair of this wonderfull Amps but i haven't any service manual , so i'll be happy if someone help me on bias procedure ; i don't know how ma for each tube
That amp uses 6C33s, but if I recall right runs them at a fairly high voltage too. I would try no more than 150ma per tube section. To do that I would start at 100 ma; the tubes will heat up over time. After an hour they can be considered to be at operating temperature so they should also be at the final bias current at that time.

Good Luck!