Four MC Phono Cartridges

I am going to upgrade the cartridge on my Technics SL1200G turntable. The turntable is connected to my Mac C2500 Tube Preamp. The Mac preamp had both mm and mc and I can change the mc cartridge loading on the fly via remote and also adjust gain. Presently I am using my ZU Denon DL103 cartridge. I am tired of the sound as I have owned this cartridge for 11 years.

I have narrowed my choices down to the following:

Dynavector DV20X2L. Low output MC. I had the previous itineration of
this on a VPI Scout and loved it.
Audio Technica AT-OC9XSL. Low output MC
Audio Technica. AT-ART9XA. Low output MC
Audio Technica. AT-ART9XI. Low output MC

I do not know the difference between the ART9XA and the ART9XI, can someone enlighten me on it? Would going from my ZU Denon to the OC9 XSL be a sideway move or a good one? Or, would one of the ART9 cartridges be better? Please explain why.

I am only interested in these 4 cartridges, no others. I have been researching for a year. Still don’t know which ones are compatible with the Magnesium arm on the Technics. Lastly, my phono preamp works with low output MC down to .1 mv.
I would say regarding your 103R?, that's a good time to get it retipped after 11 years.
Not too long ago, I got curious about AT cartridges, so I ordered an AT 440MLb MM cartridge. I was so surprised how good it sounded I bought ART9 MC cartridge. It's been on the Dynavector arm ever since. ever since. It's been quite a revelation.. I can't give any info regarding the OC9XSL, ART9XA, or the ART9XL, but the ART9 is a heck of a good cartridge.

It's probably a good idea to make sure any of the ARTs are a good match for your arm, too.Good luck, regards,

Any of those modern AT will be better than Zu Denon, and perfect for your tonearm. ART series is better than OC9 series. Go for it, great bargains. 

can you explain the difference between the art9xa and art9 xi?  They are both the same price, $1290USD?   What about these two compared to the Dynavecter  DV20X2L?

Its not the 103R, it’s the 103. Andy at Needle Clinic retipped in 2019, at most I played 150 records since then. 

The preamp in the phono stage has Gold Lion 12ax7 tubes.  I tried quite a few different ones including nos Mullard from Kevin’s private stash @Upscale. The Gold Lions give me a bit lush presentation which is exactly my taste.  I never owned a Audio Technica cartridge so I am quite intrigued.  
can you explain the difference between the art9xa and art9 xi?

Different stylus tip, output, compliance:

art9xa specs (Shibata / 0.2 mV / 10cu @100Hz)
art9xi specs (Special LineContact / 0.5 mV / 15cu @100Hz)

For your tonearm with stock shell the XI is probably better. I’m sure you must be happy with ART series.

What about these two compared to the Dynavecter DV20X2L?

Can’t tell you this, but if you like Dynavector I’d recommend KARAT 17DX with Diamond Cantilever, it’s something special!

P.S. Those ART series and Dynavector are later models than my ART and my Dynavector Karat. You can’t go wrong with any of them, especially if you're comparing them to your retipped Denon 103. 

Clearly a low budget setup, but you can hear the difference in presentation
XA should present itself with a more "refined" overall tone. Subjective, naturally.
1st gen ART 9 user here.

Both are good choices for an idea of what the high dollar carts do.
I'd love to have a setup worthy of the ART1000.

I think you would be better off with the Dynavector DV20X2L.
The Technics 1200G is a dry sounding deck and the ART9’s, particulalrly with the Shibata tip, can be a bit brittle sounding.
The Dynavector is slightly higher compliance which will work well with the Technics arm, has a microridge stylus profile which is excellent for detail retrieval without any brittleness. very smooth.
Given that you have had the Dynavector before, loved it, and Dynavector tends to constantly improve their products, its a no brainer.
Another MC you could consider to look at is a SKYANALOG MC.
There are reports from sources that I trust on this Companies Cartridges that suggest they are well suited to compete with $2500+ Cartridges.

As the Company is also an OEM who produce for other Brands, there are Cartridges already in the mainstream from this producer.  
from your list, I would go for the ATart9xi

because it has both very tight channel balance of 0.5 db, and excellent channel separation of 30 db as well as a boron cantilever (the stiffest I will go), and a higher signal output

The tighter the channel balance, the tighter the phantom images that create imaging anywhere between the l/r speakers are, improved distinctness.

wide separation is also a nice way to get more distinction, great imaging for the majority of content.

Sometimes, for too wide (i.e. Bill Evans Live at the Village Vanguard which has a huge hole in the middle)

I use my alternate mc with only 25 db separation (still has tight channel balance)

and/or alter my toe-in to toe-in X, which lets me use my ’too-wide’ cartridge on a non-removable arm.

left speaker aimed toward right listener/right speaker aimed at left listener. you are nearer one speaker, but getting more direct projection from the opposite side. 2 off-center listeners get a stereo image, center and both sides, not too wide.

btw, I went with AT33PTG/II and love it.
Dear @stereo5  : With out doubt the AT ART 9XA is the way to go. This model is a non-magnetic core, its design came from the excellent ART 7. No problem matching your tonearm and additional you can help the XA to shows at its best looking for different build material headshells and better headshell connector wires than the stock ones.

You can read here about and why is superior to the X1:

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,

The Technics 1200G is a dry sounding deck... 

C'mon, you don't even have it @dover 
I have owned the DV 20X-2L, ART 9, and OC9MLII. All mounted to a VPI Scout. to my ears both AT carts were superior to the Dyna. The OC9 is an underrated bargain, outperforming it's price point. The ART 9 is exceptional--really head an shoulders above most carts and a phenomenal bargain. Forget the Dyna--pick one of the ATs.