Foundation Research LC-1,LC-10 Conditioners

To any actual owners of the Foundation Research LC-1 or LC-10 conditioners.If I purchase either of these units,I'll need to use an extension cord to reach my dedicated line ac wall outlet.Do you think using a quality 10ga extension cord (plan to have Signal Cable make me one) will reduce the effectiveness of the conditioners in any way? Also would using a heavy guage (10/3,12/3,14/3) extension cord from Lowes be suffice?
If you are buying new, ask Foundation Research to make you a custom pair.
Foundation Research is no longer in business.
If you have a quality extension, (haven't heard the Signal cable, but Furutech and Neotech are quite good). What I would do is replace the FR LC with the Furutech so that there is not an extra connection.
That's too bad, Foundation Research made some very interesting and innovative products.
longer power cable may be your ally in defeating “conducted” RF that has already coupled into your wiring

RF interference is very short wave length’s in nature that are easily dissipated by distance traveled ... they just run out of energy

But wait ... you still have another ally in that cable’s conductor to help defeat “conducted” RF ... did you ever notice how almost every power cord Mfger espouses that they have a special/secret or unique circuit or something in their cable that also defeats RF

They are yanking your chain and didn’t invent or implement any such thing on their own

What they are taking a liberty with and failing to disclose is that every cable has INDUCTANCE ... INDUCTANCE is the secret sauce they won’t admit to and use in their marketing to confuse you ...

Cable INDUCTANCE acts as a low pass filter allowing the low frequencies to pass through and presents a rising impedance (Blocking action) to RF as the RF increases in frequency

What I’m saying is all cables have inductance and as the RF interference increases in frequency from 100Khz through the Mhz to the Ghz region .. the cable’s inductance acts to block the RF as the RF increases in frequency

Most power conditioner that are not transformer or regenerator based are designed around caps and inductors ... the inductor presents a blocking action to the RF and the RF then sees the capacitors as a path of lower path of resistance and migrate in that direction where the enter the cap and are dissipated

So your longer cable is your ally providing you size it correctly and choose the right conductor type

The longer the cable the larger the conductor should be and you need to take the DRAW of the component into consideration

The LC1 is for low draw 3 to 5 amps components ... here a 10 foot 10 gauge cable may be more than adequate to deliver the current necessary ... now take that same cable and try to feed a power conditioner that runs 4 to 6 components including a pair of beefy mono block amps and you may need more wire gauge to power that 10 foot run adequately

My personal experience ... Stranded conductor are the worst sounding conductors as the many strands act as a on ramp for “Air Born” (coupled) RF to couple to the conductor and then be “conducted” forward

Mfger love stranded wire as it remains very flexible and easy to work with in larger 7 and 9 gauge sizes ... they are trading off performance for convenience

Last point of my rant ... a passive piece of wire can not improve the incoming signal ... it can only continue to degrade it further it by adding additional Noise and Distortion to what ever is already present on the line

If two cables sound different and one is clearly better ... it’s because the better sounding cable introduces less additional Noise and Distortion to what is already being conducted down the line