Foundation made of Speakers....

While I have owned a variety of average consumer stereo equipment off and on for years I am just now pursuing a true hi-fi setup. I've started my research with a book by Robert Harley on High-Performance Audio Systems but also wanted to jump start a conversation here. 

My system foundation currently consists of a pair of DCM TimeFrame TF700's and a pair of Magnepan SMGa's. I also am in the process of completing a mac mini music server that will hold my CD collection (1600+ titles) and eventually tie into the system. For now I am focusing on finding amplification and an analog source to create a system that will compliment the speakers I already have.

With a budget of about 2k now and another 2k in about 3 months what would the community suggest? 
Get a Roon and Tidal subscription first. You will need a big amp for the Maggie’s - expect you know that already - ideally monoblocks.

Buy a pair of Ampzilla2000's. Jim Bongiorno's last and best design! I personally would sell the MGA's and keep the Time Frame's (Steve Eberbach's late design work) - a superior sounding speaker IMO!
What are you looking for in the way of an analog source? For the MAC Mini you will need a DAC. For amplification I would look for an integrated amplifier.