Foundation for the equipment rack on carpet

I just bought Atlantis Reference 5 audio rack, which is pretty heavy and stable piece of furniture. I installed spikes to place it on the carpeted floor (berber carpet to be exact). The rack is very wobbly on the carpet, so I'm thinking about either putting some kind of heavy foundation- like ceramic or marble tile on the carpet first and still use spikes, or maybe try the supplied feet instead of spikes. Should I put spikes directly on the foundation, or on the metal (pennies), and should I isolate the foundation from the carpet first? The same question is for the speakers- Paradigm Studio 100. I can forsee the "endless" possibilities here. Appreciate your opinions in advance. Regards!
The spikes should go through the carpet to the floor underneath. If it is unsteady, rocking on the floor, you need to adjust the height of the spikes to steady it. If the spikes are not going completely through the carpet to the floor, you need to unscrew them until they extend enough to reach the floor so that the bottom of the rack is above the carpet. The levelling process can take some time, because floors are not uniformly level and each time you raise or lower one spike, you may need an adjustment in another.
What I did was screw 1 1/4 in. # 6 oval head phillips head
screws through the carpet, into the underlayment until they were flush with the top of the rug, then set the spikes into the screw heads. To find the proper position for the screws, i set my speakers on a pc. of cardboard, then used that as a template for the location of the holes. Just be careful when going through the carpet, punch a hole first between the loops, (don't drill). A berber is even more prone to pulls than a regular pile. then use a level to even up the screws,and get rid of any wobble.
good luck
Josdel2, did almost the same thing i did. Follow his advice and don't worry about ruining the carpet. It will come together in very little time. When you have the rack leveled it may still take some time to penetrate. You may have to level the rack again the next day. It might take a few days before you notice the improvement. Be patient, some of these racks have to settle in. After a day or two there should be no wobble. If there is you will have to level it again. Yes, the spikes should go to the foundation unless you have wood floors. Don't use the pennies.
Appreciate your advices, still I would like to know your opinions on setting the rack on a slab of stone placed ON the carpet. Regards.
I think that Jadem6 does something like that along with some special footers etc. Looking over his posts I don't see it offhand, but try contacting JD via member lookup & email him. I think he mentioned it in an email exchange?