Found the receiver, now on to the speakers...

I recently found the HK 3480 stereo receiver to be the thing I'm looking for. It's 100 watts each channel, 8 ohms, and it got some good ratings. I was wondering what speakers would you recommend in terms of compatability? I know there's a max continuous as well as peak wattage on speakers, so what would compliment this reciever well enough, yet stay within a budget range of around 300 dollars or less? I'm a college student, so there's not a whole lot of money to spend. Thanks a lot for the help.
Try to track down a pair of NHT SB2's or SB3's. This line was recently discontinued by NHT and replaced by the Classic Line. You should be able to pick up a pair new if you shop around. The NHT SB series is a special line of speakers; perform well; are easy to place; and will complement the HK well.

Another speaker to consider is the Wharefedale Diamond 9.2. Audio Advisor is offering a pair for $350 (list $550). If you had posed this question two weeks earlier, the price was $250.

Finally, check out Accessories4less . They have a good deal on the KEF Cresta & Q lines that would well with your HK.

For cables, stick with Signal Cable .

Regards, Rich
One more note about HK receivers ... never allow the +/- ends of the speaker cables to touch each other ... as you will smoke the receiver. HK does not use (or did not use as of 3 years ago) fuse protection ... it goes straight to smoke. Found out the hard way with a 3370 receiver.

Regards, Rich
Regardless of the power rating that HK is giving your receiver you are going to want efficient speakers. At some point in college someone is going to turn the volume up to much. With an inneficient speaker (less than say 89db) the amp is going to clip and the speaker is going to die.

Used Kef, JBL, or Klipsch are what you need.

If size is not a problem get the Klipsch Heressy used for $400. Stretch your budget and get something that won't blow up.

You don't need the last word in resolution; just something that plays loud, makes bass, wont blow up, and wont piss you off when your roomate blows it up.

Good luck!
I'd have to concur w/ the suggestions of NHT or Wharfedale speakers... I'm not overly familiar w/ the SB3's, but i do know they sound 'bigger' and have deeper bass than their size implies. They also sound 'full-bodied', which really would work well w/ HK products.

A friend of mine owned an HK surround receiver and wharfedale speakers. That combo was not the last word in resolution by any stretch, but it was a smooth and powerful sounding combo.
I'll second Bignerd's recommendation of Klipsch speakers. Very efficient, as loud as you want to go, great value and as you get a little more money, you can upgrade the speaker crossover networks and take the speakers to an even higher level of performance.

Check out some Tannoy MX4s.
I just heard some Paradigm Titans that really blew me away for the money -$249.00 a pair new WOW!
Also, I have heard a lot of people swear by the Epos ELS-3
..Good Luck