Found the bass culprit in my monitor speakers...

Hello to you all. Months after months of changing the positions of my Leema Acoustics speakers only to hope to get better frequency response and bass output that was always lacking and missing in some certain frequency points. And then I hit this wonderful idea - let’s see what is inside. After opening the back of the speaker and admiring a really nice component crossover I took out about a 50cm long and 3cm thick acoustics wool out. The wool was literally stuffing almost 90% of the whole inside cabinet. Crazy (?) - and now this - after taking out the damping. More bass, more clarity, the great sound has come back again. Now the question - why did they stuff so much wool inside ? I think this is the main point why the users complain about bass output in Leema speakers. Secondly, I can suggest to anyone to experiment with damping inside. Sometimes it is not necessary at all I think. I think it is in closed enclosure speakers but not so much in back reflex port as mine ? I wonder what you think...

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It is possible to overstuff speakers, but removing it should make it smaller and therefore increase the bottom end (at the cost of a faster rolloff).

I know at least one very experienced professional speaker builder (Lee Taylor) who thinks all stuffing is bad and removes the sense of impact and liveliness.

The best way to learn of course is to DIY your own speakers ... (evil laugh)