Found something worth trying on Qobuz

The artist is Meryem Aboulouafa.  The album is Meryem.  Straight ahead, mellow, very accessible pop.  Processed as hell but clean and beautifully recorded.  Everybody on board obviously has a set of ears.  Qobuz comes through.  Yeah, it may not turn your life around but I'm enjoying the heck out of it right now.
Nice album.  A little different from what I usually listen to.  You might enjoy, "Songs I Can't Live Without" by Marshall Chapman.  It's what I would call roots rock but atmospheric like Meryem.  Big difference in the voices.  Marshall's is a bit weathered.  You may like it, though.
Sam here and i also found the album to sound wonderful so i took the digital album removed the dynamic compression for the loudness wars and encoded the 33 hertz frequency the most magical frequency in the universe onto the digital audio and the difference is mind is the download link for testing purposes