found some old tubes

was in some consignment shop recently and they had an old cabinet stereo from the 50s or 60s (?). i'd seen it before, and asked after it. they basically said get it out of here right now and you can HAVE it.
tube compliment came out of it:

matched pair Sylvania 6GW8/ECL86

MISmatched pair(?) Valvo EBF89
Siemens ECH81

plus one Telefunken ECC85
one Siemens E2CO (? hard to read ?)

anyone know anything about these?

what i am calling the pairs were basically side by side in the unit. the others were separated. it seems a kind of mixed bag of indeterminate stuff here. i have some tubed equipment but no obvious use for these. will take them to a friend who has a tube tester for further evaluation. i'l report the findings later on.