Found High End Classic System, have questions.

I recently found what I believe is a pretty high end old school system. What I have is a pair of vandersteen model 4 speakers, a VPI Industries HW 19 turntable that needs some work, an Eagle 2 Amp, and a Vandersteen audio WX- 4 cross over. Nothing to function as a preamp.

My initial question, the speakers have three sets of poles on them, and a switch for bi amp and full range. Could I test these speakers with my own carver system by connecting the positive and the negative poles together and letting my carver power all three sets of posts.

Also, does anyone know who in the charlotte NC area might be willing to do some work on this record player if it is worth repairing. Any advice would be VERY appreciated.
Forget about work on your TT, too costly even if you could find someone who knows what they are doing. Best move on to something reasonable priced that is new. Yes, when it comes to mechanical things best to move on.