Found an excellent classical recording on Qobuz

Gustav Mahler's Symphony #1, "Titan."  On Harmonia Mundi.  The orchestra is Les Siecles.  Francois Xavier-Roth conducts.  Recording is spacious and balanced.  Wonderful orchestral string tone.  For those not familiar with the work, it's quite accessible.  It's filled with tunes and a sense of adventure.  It takes you to a planet earth a long time ago.  Performance might be a bit leisurely but the work is played with great affection.  I'm streaming it as I write this.  Lovin' it.
Les Siècles Stravinsky is fantastic. Best I've heard in years...for Maher 1, there are many to choose from. For acoustics I like the Giulini's Mahler 1 with the Chicago Symphony. Great performance as well.
My Go To performance of the symphony is still Bruno Walter's on an old Odyssey.  But, yeah, I gotta try the Giulini.