Found an amazing transport from 1995.

I just picked up a Goldmund/Meta Research Transport. I'm using it on the Jadis JS 1 Dac. The Meta is from 1995. This transport sounds no natural. It looks gorgeous. It has that glass cover. Here's a pic of it.
The Philips CDM-9Pro transport also comes in the Rotel RCD-990 CD player.
Hi Doug

I'm not surprised that you like your Goldmund transport so
much. I'm using a Micromega Duo CD transport that looks identical to your Goldmund. My Duo also uses a metacrylate and brass CD stabilizer. I've had mine since 1992, and
still find it amazing to listen to. I found that the transport works best when it sits on a slab of granite. I use a piece that is 1.5" thick, and 14" x 18". It sits on
4 Sims Navcom silencers which sit on another 0.75" thick
14" x 18" slab of granite. This whole contraption is on top of a lead-shot filled TT4 Target stand. According to Daniel
Schar of Micromega, siting the Duo and Trio transports on
granite bases optimized their performance. I believe that
the very high mass of the granite acts as an energy sink for
the relatively light mass of the transport mechanism. The spike mechanically grounds the transport mechanism to the granite slab. The strangest thing is, I have never seen any reviewer ever optimize any Micromega Duo,Trio, or Goldmund transport by this method!?? At any rate, I still enjoy my transport, much like yourself. If you get a chance, try the
granite slab. I found that if you ask around at alot of the
places that build granite countertops, you can pick up granite very inexpensively. The material is usually scrap
pieces, so it is cheap, but often finishing the edges and
bonding to form a double slab can get pricey. Hope you find
this of interest.


James, Actually MicroMega made this transport for Goldmund. Remember the Micromega Trio 3 piece CD Player they made. Its from 1992. It was an ultra high end CD Player. The Goldmund Transport is basically the same transport as the Micromega Trio. Here's a pic.
I also use a Meta Research/Goldmund transport from @1990. I used to set it on a 1 inch slab of granite, until I discovered Big Rocks made by Bright Star Audio.( Boxes that you fill with sand). I had one custom made to fit the transport exactly, and 3 inches high. There was a very noticable sonic difference from the granite slab. (cleaner sounding and slighly warmer)
Beautiful piece.