Found a pair of Acoustat Sprctra3 's

Hi,  new to this site so I hope I'm posting this in the appropriate place. 
While walking with my dogs thru a large wooded tract not to the highway I stumbled apon an abandoned warehouse strewn with all sorts of debri, from old clothes from the sixties, some furniture from around the same time, various resturant   other one has had the entire bottom that housed the inputs and woofer b, and car parts. Then I noticed a pair of Acoustat Spectar 3,s lieing in the middle of all this. Unfortunately one has been robbed of the inputs and woofer out of the bottom, probably to be repurposed as part of a boom box car stereo setup. while the other one has had the entire bottom that housed the imputs and woofer broken off completely and I was unable to locate it I have photos but couldn't figure out how to include them  My question is are this worth even attempting to repair or be made servicable in any way? Thanks for any info and help in advance
They were probably dumped there by the last guy who tried to get them up and running!
Seriously, not sure it's worth it. Even if they were physically intact, there are very high voltages involved.
there's a guy somewhere in Florida who refurbishes the Accoustat servo amps, which I had with my 2+2s. Seek him out. Hopefully, he can help

You should not take things that do not belong to you.
Although it is nice you walked your dogs not to the highway...
To put everyone's mind at ease I didn't take them. But honestly if they could b repaired I wouldn't feel too bad about taking the rather than letting them deteriorate father. The place is back in the woods and wide open to anyone passing by and the elements and wildlife. It appears that people have been dumping stuff inside and outside there for several years or more. Thanks for all your replys

The Spectra 3’s can produce some wonderful music, but you have to ask yourself how much time and money do you have to restore them. On the back, there should some black rectangle boxes, something like 5”x5”x18”?  If those transformers aren’t there, I probably won’t even try.

BTW, in very good condition they are worth about $1200.  Maybe more to the right buyer.

All the best.