Found a Moerch Finger Lift Replacement

I have a few wands and because I couldn't get a Moerch sourced finger lift quickly so I bought a Pro-Ject Finger Lift from Needle Doctor and I'm very happy with the fit with the Moerch. I have been having trouble with distortion with my Helikon but using this finger lift solved that problem for me probably because I was able to secure it tighter because it doesn't bend out of shape like the Moerch one does when you tighten it. Also the weight difference may be helping out a resonance problem, I guess. Whatever it is, I'm very happy for my $9. It's a good option if you have a Moerch with multiple wands.
Thanks for sharing! I could never resist a cheap tweak and this was a good one - finger lift always bothered me that the original finger lift bent out of shape...