fostex vs accuton - same speed & accuracy ?

i like the speed & accuracy of accuton / thiel ceramic drivers. as my hearing ends at 14khz i thought about a 2.2 system with 5" wideband satellites (150Hz-15kHZ)(i like weight delivered with speed) for better imaging and 2 ultrafast and accurate (small) subwoofers down to 30Hz (isobaric twin 6" ?). is there such a ultrafast system on the market ? ceramic drivers are known for their limited bandwith - is there a wideband driver on the market which can meet the accuracy of accuton and 150HZ-15KHZ?
You could get something like a Zu Druid - you know a simple designed based upon a base guitar woofer with a whizzer cone to get you the highs. Simple but effective up to about 12 Khz (rolls of around 8 Khz but still some good stiff up to 12 Khz). It won't give you a very flat response but if you can find a good position for them then it may be what you are looking for.